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Version 8.2 Improvements Under the Microscope

The highly anticipated 8.2 Update of Aware IM has arrived.

At the last Aware IM Developers International Conference, Awaresoft asked the attendees….”What do you want?”

After a very open and frank session Awaresoft had a list of numerous things that you the Developers wanted to see in the product.  Some major improvements such as Custom HTML/CSS Forms and true Multi Developer capability. But, also a desire for a pause to address some of the smaller but just as important little things that most would have liked to see either improved and/or function differently.

Well, by and large…. as usual…. Awaresoft have delivered… and in only 6 months.

Here is the list of changes in V8.2

New Features:
1. Multi-developer mode
2. SAML support
3. Custom HTML forms
4. Kanban Board support

1. Better looking initial visual perspective
2. Drag and drop between categories
3. Max. length for text and multiple allowed for refs is displayed in the new attribute dialog
4. Name dialog appears immediately for new elements
5. Default grid on a form is no longer displayed as a line - attributes to display are picked at random
6. AES encryption for MySQL
7. "Redisplay form" flag when defining Create Object operation
8. Applicability conditions available for all types of operations
9. Applicability conditions can be expanded
10.Last search values are remembered (rules and scripts)
11.Double click supported in Insert Attributes and Auto-Refresh dialogs
12.If a category is expanded it is not closed if another item is selected
13.Pressing F5 during rule editing is hotkey for LoggedInSystemUser
14.Support for CSS styles and classes for separators in forms
15. Find string in locale editor
16.Rename category command
17.Inline editing of Yes/No fields represented by checkboxes
18.Ability to insert HTML, Google Map and Gauge cells directly in the form designer
19.Column Selection Mode button in the form designer
20.Ability to display item operations on the left of the grid
22.Google Maps key is properly supported
23.Management of the session timeout at the user level
24.Mobile platform and whether the system is running in the native mode are available as part of LoginNotification
25.An option to add a new attribute to a form
26.Support for "Last Modified" value for all configuration elements. Search by this value.
27.Agenda view in calendars supports editing of events
So to help you understand the differences, lets go through the Improvements one by one and show you what they mean....
1. Better looking initial visual perspective

In earlier versions the Default Administrator Visual Perspective relied on a Menu Bar across the screen just under a Default Banner. In Version 8.2 that has been modified to provide a Default 
Left Menu.

2. Drag and drop between categories 

In earlier versions of Aware IM you could create Categories (Folders) for various Application elements such as Business Objects, Queries, Processes etc. 
You created the Category by typing the Category Name or selecting an existing Category when creating or editing the Element itself. If you wanted to move an 
Element from one Category to another then you needed to either type the name of the New Category or Select an alternative existing Category. In Version 8.2, 
you can now just drag the Element from one Category to another. 


3. Max. length for text and multiple allowed for refs is displayed in the new attribute dialog 25. An option to add a new attribute to a form 

Previously, when you created a new Attribute, you only had the option to provide an Attribute Name and Type in the New Attribute Dialog. Once that was completed, 
the Max Size and Multiples Allowed (for Reference Attributes) needed to be modified in the Attribute Properties Panel. Additionally.... A newly created Attribute would be 
automatically added to the Main form. This could be annoying if, for example, you had designed your Form to be the way you wanted it and then later added a Reference 
Attribute to the Business Object (like an Owned By Reference), then that new Attribute would also be added. For this example you would virtually ALWAYS NOT want it on the 
Form. Hence you would need to manually edit the Form and delete it. Now you can enter those details at the same time as you are creating the Attribute as well as controlling 
if the new Attribute should be added to the Form or not. 

   4. Name dialog appears immediately for new elements 

Previously, when creating a new element such as a Business Object, Query, Process etc, the element was created and then you were required to enter 
a Name for the element in the Element Properties panel. Now, Aware Im prompts you for the name of the element immediately via a new creation dialog.

...... Stay Tuned. More coming soon.

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