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The Aware IM 2019 International Conference Package is now available

Dear Aware IM Developers,

For those who were unable to attend the recent Aware IM Developers International Conference in Espinho – Portugal, the complete contents of the Conference
is now available for purchase.

The Conference Package is chock full of valuable Aware IM related information that you can use as a reference tool, a learning resource and use in your own applications.

Please note that every session was Recorded and includes essentially 3 days of video. Download size is over 3GB of content. It was a great  Conference and the days were filled with fantastic content for all Aware IM Developers.

All sessions that involved direct use of Aware IM mainly focuses on Version 8.2 and 8.3. However, most of the sessions provide extremely valuable information regardless of the version you are using.

The table below outlines the Package Contents.

For those wishing to purchase the Package, please send an email to aidic@awareimdevelopers.com requesting to receive a Paypal Invoice quoting the Code you wish to purchase. (ie. See below. NP19 or NP19181615) 

Once you receive and pay the Invoice, a download link will be forwarded to you.

Also, the Content Packages for 2015,  2016 and 2018 are also available at a discounted price if purchased with the 2018 Content Package. 

For example…

No Previous Purchase
NP19 – 2019 Only – 400 USD
NP18 – 2018 Only – 400 USD
NP16 – 2016 Only – 400 USD
NP15 – 2015 Only – 400 USD

NP19181615 – 2019 + 2018 + 2016 + 2015 – 1,100 USD
NP191816 – 2019 +2018 + 2016 – 900 USD
NP19181 – 2019 + 2018 – 700 USD

Previous Purchase of 2015 and/or 2016 and/or 2018
PP19 – 2019 Only – 300 USD

Please note that the 2019 Zero to Hero Beginners Workshop Package is now available and  the details can be seen in a separate post.

The Audio is much better this year however, Robin Prinzing’s first session suffered from a poor internet connection.

All invoice requests will be handled as quickly as possible but depending on time zones, requests will be responded to in less than 24 hours.

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