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Build changelogs

Build 2722 - 2020-05-04 - V8.4

Released date: 2020-05-04

1. Changing label position of the column for the second time may not have worked
2. Moving a choice up or down in the choices dialog in the Config. Tool didn't work properly
3. Renaming an attribute used to lose presentation information on forms
4. Starting a process from a query or form that displayed checkbox list used to clear checkboxes
5. "URL must contain string" option in REST services didn't work properly
6. charSet could not be specified as part of content type when using Aware IM exposed REST services

Build 2721 - 2020-02-17 - V8.4

Released date: 2020-02-17

1. When you open a log, no longer automatically scrolls one symbol to the right
2. Runtime builder was broken
3. A visual perspective couldn't be checked in in a multi-developer mode
4. Using calculated columns: if you used a sum of two texts and one was undefined the result was blank. Now undefined are ignored (not for Derby)

Build 2720 - 2020-02-11 - V8.4

Released date: 2020-02-11

1. Sorting on an encrypted attribute in queries on groups, didn't work
2. "Do not encode" option in services was ignored for Picture and Document attributes
3. If a business object group had a shortcut defined in all members, but the shortcut path was not in all members, the query used to crash
4. Validation for Menu Button Settings dialog
5. It was not possible to refer to references in applicability conditions, for example Object.Reference IS DEFINED
6. If a document was stored in a file system and the document hasn't been uploaded yet, there was an unnecessary exception
7. Shortcut to pictures/documents didn't work properly if a document/picture was stored in the file system
8. Multiple File Upload dialogs didn't fit the screen on a phone

1. CR function to generate a new line symbol

Build 2719 - 2020-01-22 - V8.4

Released date: 2020-01-22

1. Aggregate expressions in HTML cells that used context didn't work
2. < symbol in the title of a filter caused XML import to crash and Search Version to not work
3. Changing type of an attribute sometimes made it impossible to save the changed attribute
4. Tab order of a multi-attribute cell couldn't be changed to -1
5. AS_STRING function didn't work properly if used in queries for MySQL
6. Previous fix for scrollbars in query caused mis-aligment of headers. The previous fix removed.
7. Presentation rules had unnecessary CR symbols


Build 2718 - 2020-01-19 - V8.4

Released date: 2020-01-19

1. If logging was off import from CSV used to crash


Build 2714 - 2020-01-17 - V8.4

Released date: 2020-01-17

1. Clearing "Contents" property of a visual perspective didn't mark VP as "dirty"
2. Search version didn't search for icon classes
3. Weird bug in resolving back references
4. Pressing Edit on a column with % in query editor caused a crash
5. Processes inaccessible for guests were not removed from the UI
6. Deleting instances of the objects with documents stored in file system, didn't delete the files
7. Log file for import from template events was empty
8. A scroll bar was unnecessarily displayed in grids

1. Predefined FileItem object can now be specified as process input

Build 2713 - 2020-01-10 - V8.4

Released date: 2020-01-10

1. If logging was turned off User Defined Processes didn't work
2. Conditional HTML expressions were not resolved properly in Static HTML in a visual perspective
3. Script for reference attribute couldn't be set
4. < and > symbols couldn't be used in Javascript inside Kendo templates
5. Save Inline Edits operation was not added to the toolbar by default
6. Filtering on a timestamp attribute in a query is treated like filtering on a date

1. TO_TIMEZONE function
2. Tab order of -1 can now be specified

Build 2712 - 2019-12-16 - V8.4

Released date: 2019-12-16

1. Auto-incremented attributes were not saved properly in XML
2. Sometimes attributes of an object "lost their parent" after form preview
3. Custom query templates with expressions that had #= or #: didn't work

1. Search Scripts/HTML command replaced with Search Version command that searches for references in XML representation of the version
2. Unused elements command added

Build 2711 - 2019-12-09 - V8.4

Released date: 2019-12-09

1. Exposed REST services could not be exported into XML
2. When a background process was renamed the new name was not set into the corresponding visual perspective

1. Image Gallery operation available to Custom Checkbox Lists
2. Opened log file is automatically scrolled to the end of the log
3. When log is cleared it is automatically refreshed
4. Ability to clear a log from the system menu
5. Control Panel toolbar
6. Improvements for auto-incremented numbers:
- If value of an auto-incremented number is set by rules it is not automatically incremented
- Auto-incremented values involving groups are calculated AFTER rules have been executed for the object
(auto-incremnted values not involving groups are calculated BEFORE rules)

Build 2710 - 2019-11-29 - V8.4

Released date: 2019-11-29

1. More robust handling of the login port
2. No need to restart the system when logging level is changed
3. Checkbox list widget didn't work properly for single references on a form
4. Filters on dates didn't work for some databases

1. It is now possible to use Custom Lists to represent single references in forms
and also multiple references using custom lists with current values selected (Custom Checkbox List widget)
2. State of separators (collapsed or not) is now retained when a form is saved and re-displayed
3. If all fields in a row of a form are read-protected by rules, the row is collapsed

Build 2709 - 2019-11-21 - V8.4

Released date: 2019-11-21

1. Uploading a photo from a library on Android didn't work
2. Export with templates was broken
3. XML export of calendars was broken
4. Properties of a business space in the Config Tool didn't work
5. Sometimes "Date of first record" option on the calendar didn't work
6. Allow manual override of the Content-Type header in REST calls

1. Queries can now be defined using EXEC_SQL statement
2. Support for the latest version of PhoneGap build

Build 2708 - 2019-10-30 - V8.4

Released date: 2019-10-30

1. FIND IN BATCHES OF used to crash

Build 2707 - 2019-10-30 - V8.4

Released date: 2019-10-30

1. Import from XML that contained REST services with name mapping used to crash
2. A form with user-defined choices caused a crash
3. Preview of some reports used to crash
4. If height of a form was specified it was impossible to display it in a popup window
5. Ampersand used in choices wasn't displayed properly
6. When settings for popup windows were specified they didn't behave properly
7. Repeated putting version under test caused some slow down
8. Widths of columns in standard queries were messed up

Build 2705 - 2019-10-24 - V8.4

Released date: 2019-10-24

New features:
- Support for PostgreSQL
- Support for barcodes and QRcodes in the Report Designer
- Report Preview in the Report Designer
- Runs under Java 12 (see Notes below)

- Rule Log Viewer improvements
- an integral part of the Control Panel
- ability to show timestamp, user name, business space name
- ability to find records by time difference
- ability to show SQL
- ability to show timer events
- ability to filter by user name and business space
- ability to export log for the specified business space and user
- LOG2 CONTEXT action displays attribute values
- Ability to use LOG2 CONTEXT in object rules (priorities can be used to display context before and after)
- EXEC_SPF function - ability to use stored procedures as functions, for example:
IF EXEC_SPF ('ContactNotesCount', 'MAIN', Customer.ID) = 4 THEN ...
(last parameter must be OUT, all others IN)
- Ability to specify width and height for modeless windows
- Ability to specify properties of popup windows (including width and height)
- Multi-developer mode improvements:
- Ability for a developer to lock a business space version
- Ability to automatically copy a checked-out element into a development version
- Support for encoding when importing and exporting data (both in standard commands and IMPORT and EXPORT actions)
- Ability to automatically create application for Cloud deployment (see CreateBusinessSpaceServlet)
- Ability to use tags when specifying attribute choices
- Ability to specify values when defining attribute choices
- Ability to specify document type and file when creating a new document template
- Ability to specify matching relationship immediately after a new reference attribute is created
- Ability to set badges to all menu types except tree
- Custom queries are now supported in PICK FROM action (both mobile and non-mobile templates)
- Add Reference, Add New Reference and other reference operations are now supported if references are shown as custom queries on a form
Add Reference will pick from a custom query list. (both mobile and non-mobile)
- Arbitrary CSS styles can now be used in item display rules
- Ability to use tag expressions in item display rules
- Reference attributes are displayed with a different color in the list of attributes
- Ability to pick from the list of Font Awesome icons
- Ability to specify alignment for query columns
- Ability to drag and drop columns to be displayed when defining queries
- EXEC_SQL action
- Ability to specify column widths for standard queries in %
- Ability to override default SQL type for object attributes (SQL Type in Advanced)
- Ability to specify labels for left and right listboxes in the Swap Select widget
- Ability to specify whether created matching attribute will be multiple allowed or not
- Improved location of the Context Assistant
- Ability to specify Title for DISPLAY MESSAGE and DISPLAY QUESTION actions
- Ability to specify explicit queries for scheduler resources
- "This date" starting option for scheduler supports tag expressions
- Login through social media supports firstCommand and perpsective parameters

- UDP no longer modify cross reference rules
- If an attribute had choices and choices were translated, translated values were not shown in queries
- It wasn't possible to add strings in queries and calculated columns
- When an appointment was created from a timeline view, resource was not initialised
- "Default" output for creation/editing processes in calendar didn't consider output of a content panel where calendar was in
- If default operation is defined for a calendar it is executed even if there is no editing allowed for the calendar
- Preview for calendars with timeline views didn't work properly
- Content panel refresh sometimes didn't work properly
- Removed the limitation of using 2 refence levels only in applicability conditions and presentation rules
- Query grouped by date didn't display date properly
- REST didn't handle URL-form-encoded POST requests properly
- Sequences didn't work with Azure database
- Pressing delete event on a calendar also invoked editing event
- Multi-selectors and swap select were not marked with asterisk when required
- Timing issue with custom forms

Instructions for people using Java 8 build but running Java12 environment:
1. Search for all occurrences of tools.jar in AwareIM directory – there should be a few.
2. Rename all of them to tools.jar.old
3. If running the old startupOptions.props remove “-Dendorsed” from Tomcat startup options

Build 2631 - 2019-09-24 - V8.3

Released date: 2019-09-24

1. Calculated columns in queries were broken
2. If a group-box was given a width the legend was not displayed properly
3. Icon color wasn't applied in icon rules
4. If attribute value had # symbol in it it was interpreted as array delimiter
5. When "Load All Records" was ticked for a custom mobile template, still not all records were retrieved
6. Preview of many visual perspectives didn't work

Build 2630 - 2019-09-11 - V8.3

Released date: 2019-09-11

1. Moving a rule up or down could have problems
2. Couldn't create a new form with a form style
3. If a grid had no data and had a default operation with first row automatically selected, there was a JS error
4. "Color" option of a text attribute wasn't saved in XML
5. Invisibility condition for tabs in visual perspectives were not imported from XML
6. Applicability conditions could not use a condition if list was defined, e.g. Parent.Children IS DEFINED

Build 2629 - 2019-08-23 - V8.3

Released date: 2019-08-23

1. Modeless windows used to close after save
2. BSV's with REST couldn't be saved in XML
3. Spurious Invalid Query error happening on some systems

1. Ability to specify a script for Google Maps in visual perspectives

Build 2628 - 2019-07-31 - V8.3

Released date: 2019-07-31

1. Linux licensing on new Linux kernels still had problems
2. First day of calendar setting didn't work for Sunday (which was misspelled)


Build 2626 - 2019-07-29 - V8.3

Released date: 2019-07-29

1. Reading sample file when defining import templates didn't work
2. KEEP RESULTS flag was not respected if importing without validation
3. Creating a table element in Report Designer with empty column names caused a crash
4. Filters specified as existing queries didn't work in cascading drop-downs
5. Licensing didn't work for newest Linux kernels
6. On some Safari browsers an icon to collapse/expand form separators was not displayed


Build 2625 - 2019-07-17 - V8.3

Released date: 2019-07-17


1. Improved startup error messages

Build 2624 - 2019-07-16 - V8.3

Released date: 2019-07-16

1. Page size property of references represented as drop downs was not respected
2. Integrity checking of REST settings didn't work properly if settings used functions inside tag expressions


Build 2623 - 2019-07-12 - V8.3

Released date: 2019-07-12


1. Support for Swap-Select widget resize
2. Support for attributes that hold and display color

Build 2622 - 2019-07-04 - V8.3

Released date: 2019-07-04

1. "Hide label" didn't work properly with the new resizing functionality
2. Selection of columns in form designer didn't work properly for merged cells in the table layout mode
3. References represented as drop downs couldn't be resized

Build 2621 - 2019-07-02 - V8.3

Released date: 2019-07-02

1. Some buttons in queries were too "fat"
2. There was still an issue with displaying tab icons with a mobile style
3. Mobile query filter defaults to "contains"
4. "No data" message for mobile queries removed filter control
5. Removing first reference in a multi-attribute cell, so that only one was left, buggered up displayed columns
6. When a version was put under test with no initial data and the business space was created with the test database allocated separately
databases supporting sequences, produced a sequence error

1. Graphic resizing of form width, label width, control width and column width

Build 2617 - 2019-06-19 - V8.3

Released date: 2019-06-19

1. Toolbar buttons with an icon and no text had too much padding
2. Tab icons with mobile style were not displayed properly
3. "Reconnect" functionality in the Config. Tool no longer allows changing login name
4. Object diagrams didn't work if web application directory was not Aware IM
5. Rare Rule engine bug related to object re-calculation
6. Runtime builder was broken

Build 2616 - 2019-06-12 - V8.3

Released date: 2019-06-12

1. MariaDB didn't work when Aware IM was run as a service
2. If a grid had a default operation and expansion, clicking on an expansion sometimes used to invoke default operation unnecessarily
3. Encryption for date/timestamp attributes didn't work
4. Rules after REQUEST SERVICE through the URL channel were not executed
5. Checking in business objects didn't check in rules properly
6. Visual perspectives with "Phones and Tablets" setting were not exported properly into XML
7. SessionTimeout attribute wasn't automatically added when a business object was added to the SystemUser group
8. Displaying rule comments had some issues

1. It is now possible to disallow access to 'model' to configuration users

Build 2615 - 2019-05-30 - V8.3

Released date: 2019-05-30

1. MaxValue is a reserved work in MariaDB
2. On some Linux-based systems creating a business space from sample applications didn't work
3. .fal icons didn't work in Font Awesome 5
4. Sub-queries didn't work in Maria DB
5. AS XLS option in reports didn't work
6. "Display blanks instead of zeroes" flag didn't support shortcuts to numbers
7. Class of an operation button was ignored if the operation was inside a menu

1. Predefined elements use default output target for the content panel

Build 2614 - 2019-05-23 - V8.3

Released date: 2019-05-23

1. Kanban didn't work if there were no custom queries defined
2. Existing business spaces allocated on separate databases didn't have database sequences created properly

1. Online help link updated

Build 2613 - 2019-05-23 - V8.3

Released date: 2019-05-23

New features:
1. REST improvements
- Support for OAUth security for REST services exposed by Aware IM
- Automatic discovery of REST services from OpenAPI files
- Encoding of Picture and Document attributes as Base64 strings
- Ability to send binary files as parameters
- Ability to receive binary files as replies
- Automatic encoding of Aware IM objects as JSON or XML when an object is specified as parameter of service
- Support for response headers
2. Relationships diagrams with the ability to edit relationships
3. Process diagrams with the ability to show sub-processes

1. Visibility conditions for Kanban columns
2. Support for background color, text color and CSS class in operation buttons and menu items
3. Font Awesome 5 integrated
4. Support for icon color
5. Native support for Maria DB
6. Values for item rules styles can be edited inline
7. Comments in rules (/* ... */)
8. Systems using SQL Server, Maria DB and Oracle now use database sequences to generate ID's instead of BAS_IDGEN table
9. Attribute styles and icon rules merged into "presentation rules". Display format and input masks supported too.
10.Display format and masks support tag expressions.
11.Aggregation for non-dates supported in charts
12."Display format" for values of the Y axis in charts
13.Ability to run custom Javascript from panel operation, operation on record or menu item
14.Extra Javascript operations (that can be helpful when integrating custom mobile plugins)
15.Programmers Reference Guide describes in detail how to integrate custom Cordova plugins for native mobile apps
16.Support for "output" when creating buttons in a visual perspective
17.Ability to display blanks instead of zeroes in queries.

Build 2574 - 2019-03-28 - V8.2

Released date: 2019-03-28

3. DISTANCE function still didn't work.

Build 2573 - 2019-03-27 - V8.2

Released date: 2019-03-27

1. Colors of a pie chart were not saved
2. Border for tag element in the Report Designer didn't work
3. DISTANCE function was broken, it now requires a third parameter - Google Maps key.

Build 2572 - 2019-03-15 - V8.2

Released date: 2019-03-15

1. Calculation columns used in grids with inline editing caused a crash
2. Changing an existing query displayed as standard grid to Calendar caused a crash
3. Displaying PDF documents on tablets only showed the first page
4. Specifying input parameters as references in Start Process operation was broken

1. Push notifications: GCM deprecated and replaced with FCM

Build 2571 - 2019-02-07 - V8.2

Released date: 2019-02-07

1. Minor glitch in the previous fix for tab label expressions
2. Sometimes pressing CTRL/process name opened the wrong process
3. LIST_TABLE function was missing leading
4. REST services were not copied correctly
5. Google Maps in forms with Get Directions set didn't work
6. Zoho Editing was broken.
7. Configurator on a MAC could crash when setting calculation for query grouping

Build 2570 - 2019-01-10 - V8.2

Released date: 2019-01-10

1. If a form only had grids, recalculation sometimes used to fail
2. Expressions in labels of the settings of a new tab are properly handled
3. Default form on a phone uses available screen width
4. Mobile menu icons didn't have right margin
5. Clicking on the month view in a mobile calendar invoked day viewS

1. "No data found" message displayed for custom queries if there is no data

Build 2569 - 2018-12-18 - V8.2

Released date: 2018-12-18

1. Jump in mobile Chrome for long forms
2. Queries that referred to pictures through references didn't work:
FIND AlbumItem WHERE AlbumItem.Photo.DisplayPhoto IS UNDEFINED
3. Donut chart type was lost after editing chart series
4. Relative image paths still had problems on some machines
5. "Hidden only" in Mouse Over for queries didn't work
6. Zero values in queries ignored display format
7. "Forgotten password" mode wasn't secure

Build 2565 - 2018-12-06 - V8.2

Released date: 2018-12-06

1. Refresh command didn't prompt to save changes
2. Setting menu item output to a modeless window wasn't saved
3. When checkbox used to save a form in a popup window form redraw didn't work properly
4. When "can be dropped into" columns were explicitly specified Kanban board didn't work

1. Ability to specify a script for modeless windows

Build 2563 - 2018-11-21 - V8.2

Released date: 2018-11-21

1. MySQL AES encryption didn't work
2. Text elements with masks were displayed without the border
3. Sometimes reply names in service discovery were the same as parameter names
4. If a query allowed inline editing and had Yes/No column which was marked as "not editable", it was still editable
5. Paste of some elements was broken
6. "Circle" property of the picture was ignored for a shortcut displayed on form

Build 2562 - 2018-11-13 - V8.2

Released date: 2018-11-13

1. Current editor was marked as "dirty" after Save All
2. Sometimes a popup form was not refreshed properly
3. Paste into category didn't work properly for some elements
4. Relative paths didn't work when a document was saved in a file system
5. When both attribute style and item rules were used for a column, item rules were ignored
6. Two label separators were generated for required checkboxes
7. Wrong server memory was reported after system update
8. Names of default form panel operations were not properly translated
9. OUT parameters were not handled when discovering SOAP services

1. Documents used inside HTML cells return file name and so can now be displayed inside an IFRAME
2. Values for Kanban columns support tag expressions

Build 2561 - 2018-11-05 - V8.2

Released date: 2018-11-05

1. SessionTimeout wasn't transferred when adding a member to the SystemUser group
2. Save All could cause an exception
3. Protected version was loaded without asking for password
4. Sometimes double-clicking on an attribute while the object was already being edited resulted in a crash
5. Editor of a business space had a crash
6. Sometimes Google Maps used to clobber browser history, so going back in history didn't work
7. Import from XML was broken
8. Inline editing with chekboxes didn't save edits properly
9. Save-on-select flag for inline editing of checkboxes didn't work

1. It is now possible to capture HTTP response codes in REST

Build 2560 - 2018-10-29 - V8.2

Released date: 2018-10-29

1. SystemSettings object was screwed up when a new version was created

Build 2559 - 2018-10-25 - V8.2

Released date: 2018-10-25

New Features:
1. Multi-developer mode
2. SAML support
3. Custom HTML forms
4. Kanban Board support

1. Better looking initial visual perspective
2. Drag and drop between categories
3. Max. length for text and multiple allowed for refs is displayed in the new attribute dialog
4. Name dialog appears immediately for new elements
5. Default grid on a form is no longer displayed as a line - attributes to display are picked at random
6. AES encryption for MySQL
7. "Redisplay form" flag when defining Create Object operation
8. Applicability conditions available for all types of operations
9. Applicability conditions can be expanded
10.Last search values are remembered (rules and scripts)
11.Double click supported in Insert Attributes and Auto-Refresh dialogs
12.If a category is expanded it is not closed if another item is selected
13.Pressing F5 during rule editing is hotkey for LoggedInSystemUser
14.Support for CSS styles and classes for separators in forms
15. Find string in locale editor
16.Rename category command
17.Inline editing of Yes/No fields represented by checkboxes
18.Ability to insert HTML, Google Map and Gauge cells directly in the form designer
19.Column Selection Mode button in the form designer
20.Ability to display item operations on the left of the grid
22.Google Maps key is properly supported
23.Management of the session timeout at the user level
24.Mobile platform and whether the system is running in the native mode are available as part of LoginNotification
25.An option to add a new attribute to a form
26.Support for "Last Modified" value for all configuration elements. Search by this value.
27.Agenda view in calendars supports editing of events

Build 2477 - 2018-10-09 - V8.1

Released date: 2018-10-09

1. Images used in HTML documents as expressions didn't work when used in emails
2. FORM_SECTION for EDIT and ENTER NEW was redisplayed incorrectly
3. Downloaded file is not stored in the browser cache for security reasons. Browser cache is disabled
for all Aware IM AJAX requests

Build 2476 - 2018-09-21 - V8.1

Released date: 2018-09-21

1. On focus event didn't redraw the form
2. Refresh implementation process defined in a content panel was not renamed automatically
3. "Save form" property was missing from the Date and Timestamp controls
4. LDAP attributes in Login options were not sorted
5. Evaluation of refence values in HTML cells and conditions didn't work for new objects
6. Protect and unprotect of a business space version (7.1 functionality restored)

Build 2476 - 2018-09-05 - V8.1

Released date: 2018-09-05

1. PUT HTTP request wasn't handled properly in REST
2. Logout and timeout for native mobile apps return to the login page

1. Save Form option for the Start Process operation

Build 2469 - 2018-08-21 - V8.1

Released date: 2018-08-21

1. Cross site scripting vulnerabilities removed
2. Filters in grids with two or more conditions using OR didnt work properly
3. Some cunning business space name could have gained access to the app

Build 2468 - 2018-08-08 - V8.1

Released date: 2018-08-08

1. Charts in reports didn't work
2. If scheduling rules were open another instance of them couldn't be
3. Auto-refresh info of a content panel in a VP wasn't updated when processes or objects were renamed.
4. REST encoding options were not respected for reference attributes


Build 2467 - 2018-07-26 - V8.1

Released date: 2018-07-26

1. Panel header was not picked up from a locale
2. REST response sometimes missed some reference attributes
3. Labels for columns in export to CSV were not translated
4. Google Map fields didn't work in forms for new objects
5. "ask-at-runtime" forms for queries were too wide on phones
6. If there is a problem in generation of embedded form because a form section has been renamed
an empty form is generated without an exception being thrown
7. Sometimes merging cells destroyed column properties
8. Changing type of a merged cell didn't work properly

1. Ability to use tag expressions in the URL of a REST service

Build 2466 - 2018-07-18 - V8.1

Released date: 2018-07-18

1. It was not possible to specify parameter string in REST that started with "/"
2. It was not possible to copy/paste into the same category
3. With non-100% browser zoom factor column resizing didn't work
4. Custom query with a paging bar didn't use CSS class of the query
5. If custom query didn't have header pager was not generated
6. DISPLAY PERSPECTIVE used to execute commands of all tabs of the perspective even non-current ones

Build 2465 - 2018-06-28 - V8.1

Released date: 2018-06-28

1. Specifying a parameter string in the POST request for REST didn't work

Build 2464 - 2018-06-22 - V8.1

Released date: 2018-06-22

1. LOG2 and LOG2 CONTEXT actions were broken
2. In IE buttons of a message box were not properly aligned
3. If a query had "select first record" checked and had no data, there was a problem
4. Read Sample File for export templates didn't work
5. Increment By property in the slider didn't actually move by the increment amount
6. Paste of a folder menu item only did a shallow copy
7. When calling REST service with text reply and no OAuth, the reply was not written into the object

1. READ_TEXT_FILE function
3. Ability to disallow "Add record" functionality when tabbing from last row during inline editing
using Advanced Scripts for standard query (parser.m_doNotAddNewOnTab=true)

Build 2461 - 2018-06-08 - V8.1

Released date: 2018-06-08

1. Line color of elements in Report Designer couldn't be saved if elements were marked as transparent
2. Transparency flag of elements in Report Designer couldn't be reset
3. Renaming an object's attribute could wreak havoc in HTML cells on forms
4. When row was deleted from a grid, confirmation was asked twice
5. The system didn't run under the latest MySQL - updated to the latest version of Connector /J driver

Build 2460 - 2018-06-05 - V8.1

Released date: 2018-06-05

1. If auto-refresh had a process that was not in the BSV, auto-refresh dialog couldn't be opened
2. Preview of custom queries in forms didn't work
3. A style could not be applied to a form
4. There was no way to specify width for tree columns
5. A form with sizing parameters but no width could not be center aligned.


Build 2459 - 2018-05-29 - V8.1

Released date: 2018-05-29

1. Wrong row in the attributes table was updated during attribute editing
2. Non-English installations of the SQL Server caused problems with dates
3. Displaying HTML in a report was broken
4. Modeless windows could not be dragged
5. Calendar resources could not be removed
6. "Not present condition" for separators was not saved in XML format

Build 2458 - 2018-05-21 - V8.1

Released date: 2018-05-21

1. LOG keyword in LOG, and LOG CONTEXT replaced with the LOG2 keyword as causing integrity problems in existing BSV (conflict with ImportResults.Log)
2. Services of the object were not properly saved in the XML format
3. Pressing spacebar in the drop downlist caused the drop down list to disappear
4. Mobile-style icons were too small
5. If references of an object were changed by a process subsequent rules of the process didn't see the change.

Build 2457 - 2018-05-10 - V8.1

Released date: 2018-05-10

1. In a "single tab mode" process buttons didn't return to the home page if process call was the first click
2. Creating a second presentation for a business object didn't work
3. Conditional element with sub-report could not be created
4. TIME_ADD function didn't work under Derby
5. Right aligner in a VP didn't work for items of the Text type
6. SECTION keyword in ENTER NEW, EDIT and VIEW replaced with FORM_SECTION keyword as causing intehrity
problems in existing BSV's
7. Chart element was missing in the Report Designer

Build 2455 - 2018-05-01 - V8.1

Released date: 2018-05-01

- Missing fonts caused reports to break
- Calendar was much slower than in 8.0
- Form refresh after spreadsheet was saved had problems

Build 2454 - 2018-04-25 - V8.1

Released date: 2018-04-25

- Render script defined for a query inside a form was executed at the form section level
- Find References functionality was broken
- Borders and rotation properties were not saved for tag expressions in the Report Designer
- Project Management sample app. was broken

- Microsoft Graph added to the list of OAuth providers
- All exe's are digitally signed

Build 2453 - 2018-04-20 - V8.1

Released date: 2018-04-20

- If data refresh happened during inline editing focus on currently edited cell was lost
- Report Outline window disappeared after Configuration Tool was closed
- Image expression used in the header of the report didn't work
- DISPLAY LAYOUT in a new tab or popup window didn't work
- Sometimes import without validation didn't create proper references

Build 2452 - 2018-04-19 - V8.1

Released date: 2018-04-19

Version 8.1

New features
- Consuming REST services (with OAuth support)
- "Dynamic" columns for queries and references - perform calculations on the fly
- Picture attributes support storage in file system. If storage happens to be inside web application
directory, images are displayed using links to their storage, rather than generated again
- New Kendo UI library
- Ability to add Calendar widget to the HTML of a content panel in a VP
- Support for embedded spreadsheets
- New Jasper Reports Library
- support for position types of all elements
- ability to insert page break anywhere
- support for text rotation
- justified alignment for text
- support for borders for text and images
- transparency support for text and rectangles
- line spacing improvements, indentation support for text
- Table Element
- Business space version comparison
- Office Online Integration

- Tomcat 8.5
- EXEC_STRING action
- EVAL_STRING function
- Support of HTML text in reports: <>
- LOG action (put record in the rule log)
- LOG CONTEXT action
- Transaction isolation level for processes
- Search Script command now also searches HTML
- Space elements vertically and horizontally in Report Designer
- Support for "last modified date" in a business space version
- Option to not delete a message on the server when handling incoming emails
- "Display paging bar only if necessary" property for grids
- Vertical column headers in grids
- "Max file size" property for document and picture attributes
- "Allowed extensions" property for document and picture attributes
- Ability to enter dates using masked text input
- In a query with inline editing and default operation - if a cell is not editable, the default operation is invoked
- Ability to specify section name in ENTER NEW, EDIT and VIEW actions: ENTER NEW Obj USING Main SECTION Main
- It is now possible to include shortcuts into editable attributes for calendars (default pop-up form)
They are edited as drop downs (similar to inline editing of shortcuts in standard queries)
- Borders between multi-attribute cells are displayed in the form designer
- Objects put in the Context by an ordered query (FIND ... ORDER BY) maintain their order when processed
- Ability to sort attributes in a BO by Name, Type and Required
- Ability to save a form when a focus is lost

- Arithmetic expressions used as part of CREATE FOR EACH, was not evaluated for each object properly
- Tags to images in HTML documents didn't work (unless used in emails)
- Zoho Settings were not saved
- Wizard forms with custom panel header didn't work properly
- Some queries in business spaces allocated on a separate database had problems
- Alpha validation didn't work for small letters
- It was not possible to delete a business space created with a separate database in the SQL Server
- Exposed REST services didn't support POST
- Integrity window sometimes didn't display problems properly
- Using OUT parameters in stored procedures that referred to LoggedIn user didn't work

Build 2378 - 2018-02-28 - V8.0

Released date: 2018-02-28

1. Clicking Add New in inline edits could mess up the focus of the current cell
2. Multi-file upload operation didn't prompt for unsaved changes
3. Server name was replaced with localhost when General settings were saved
4. Output of a menu item could not be changed if it was set to New Tab
5. Background color property of a panel in a VP was ignored.
6. If SOAP service returned an error it wasn't shown in the system

Build 2377 - 2018-02-16 - V8.0

Released date: 2018-02-16

1. In wizard forms pressing Enter button didn't invoke the next screen
2. Returning to a filtered grid it was impossible to clear the filter
3. Width factors for container panels in responsive nested layouts were not saved
4. Form preview didn't support UTF-8

Build 2375 - 2018-01-30 - V8.0

Released date: 2018-01-30

1. Calendar queries used to lose Editing and Resources info if their main settings were changed
2. 'While loop' property in rules was not saved
3. If login options were set to LDAP user, resetting back to "Managed by Aware IM" didn't work
4. Query reordering didn't work

Build 2374 - 2017-12-22 - V8.0

Released date: 2017-12-22

1. Formats with seconds didn't work in SQL Server.
2. Groups in Report Designer could not be deleted

Build 2373 - 2017-12-12 - V8.0

Released date: 2017-12-12

1. PhoneGap build was broken again.

Build 2372 - 2017-11-24 - V8.0

Released date: 2017-11-24

1. Fields of embedded forms could not be edited
2. Calendar queries on groups didn't initialise start/end time of events if implemented by processes

1. Support for separate user name and password in Custom External Connection (JDBC) dialog

Build 2371 - 2017-11-21 - V8.0

Released date: 2017-11-21

1. Some queries on groups used to lose single references
2. Attribute names with undescore caused problems if used in embedded forms
3. On Mac High Sierra the system could not be started if log viewer was on
4. Menu button on operations with records could not be turned off
5. Import from XML introduced extra spaces to the text of the rules
6. Scrolling problem with filters dialog

Build 2370 - 2017-11-14 - V8.0

Released date: 2017-11-14

1. Zoho editing property didn't stick
2. Undefined width in document attributes could cause problems
3. Encryption of date/date-time fields didn't work properly
4. Empty formats in the Attribute Styles dialog caused dates not to be displayed
5. If ENTER was not pressed when editing report properties, changes were not saved

1. Resources in the scheduler are now sorted by the first shown attribute
2. Popup editing in calendars now supports attributes with dynamic choices

Build 2367 - 2017-11-08 - V8.0

Released date: 2017-11-08

1. After Gantt was refreshed a default operation on an event used to execute twice
2. If a Gantt was collapsed in an expansion and another row was refreshed the collapsed row was not refreshed correctly
3. UDP didn't allow access to non-persistent objects
4. Recalculation in inline editing for query with expansion and grouping didn't work properly
5. UTF-8 attachments, files names and address names were not handled properly when reading emails
6. XML import used to produce incorrect business objects that caused problems with renaming forms
7. Building runtime: custom property file was ignored
8. Building runtime: Getting Started page was displayed

Build 2365 - 2017-10-24 - V8.0

Released date: 2017-10-24

1. If Start time, end time or subject were not included in the list of displayed attributes Gantt didn't work
2. Security vulnerabilities addressed

Build 2363 - 2017-10-18 - V8.0

Released date: 2017-10-18

1. Azure SQL didn't work
2. Default header for reference tables problem
3. Tree of business spaces displayed two vertical scroll bars
4. Dynamic choices with existing queries didn't work
5. Protection rules with ELSE condition didn't work
6. Word and Excel support didn't work in the versions built with the runtime builder

1. LOGOUT2 action - to logout users logged in with the same name on different PC's

Build 2361 - 2017-10-12 - V8.0

Released date: 2017-10-12

1. Swap Select used to double entries if there was a dynamic rule on the form
2. Choice of database is disabled during installation
3. Problem with case sensitive drives on Mac
4. Swap Select didn't react properly to protection rules
5. Cross reference rules were executed even if the rule was disabled
6. "Page size" control for grids didn't work in the preview mode
7. Disabled protection rules were still checked
8. Control Panel shortcut pointed to an icon

Build 2360 - 2017-10-05 - V8.0

Released date: 2017-10-05

1. Encoding options for REST services only worked for undefined values
2. Import from XML didn't work properly if loaded on top of the existing version
3. Some strings in the preview of visual perspective were not shown
4. Tab and content panel names in a visual perspective were not validated for invalid characters
5. Setting "scroll view" flag for display settings of custom query was not remembered
6. "Execute process after save" didn't work when adding new reference
7. Widths of some automatic form buttons were fixed and impossible to change. Now in styles
8. Negative ranges for numbers didn't work

Build 2358 - 2017-09-19 - V8.0

Released date: 2017-09-19

1. Stretch to bottom option for queries inside tabs was not accurate
2. Importing XML containing documents with categories or external objects didn't work
3. Multi-attribute cells didn't display default attribute presentation
4. DISPLAY LAYOUT didn't work if the main perspective had background style
5. If process input contained invalid object it caused a crash when opening the dialog
6. Pressing Del when editing a form could delete something else

1. Added getLayoutPanelId function
2. Revamped IssueResolution sample application

Build 2357 - 2017-09-13 - V8.0

Released date: 2017-09-13

1. Security issues with AwareApp object
2. Some complex protection rules caused query to fail
3. Exposing of SOAP web services was broken
4. Close operation defined in a toolbar in a single-tab mode didn't work properly

Build 2355 - 2017-09-12 - V8.0

Released date: 2017-09-12

1. Drag and drop in form designer (Table Layout mode) sometimes didn't work properly
2. Form preview with signatures didn't work
3. "Entire width less" settings for text areas with "count characters" on didn't work properly
4. Default panel header for reference grids could be stripped off from existing BSV's
5. "Stretch grid to bottom" was not accurate when grid was displayed inside a tab

Build 2353 - 2017-09-08 - V8.0

Released date: 2017-09-08

1. Filters dialog in queries didn't display attributes in alphabetical order and was not scrollable
2. Selection of cells in form designer was not correct if one of the cells in a row was merged
3. If memory dialog was OK'ed before the Config Tool was run for the first time, Config Tool could not
be started.

1. Ability to add query filters to custom query header by specifying a placeholder with a special class
2. Support for Azure SQL DB
3. Combo-boxes in panel operations can be selected using keyboard

Build 2352 - 2017-09-04 - V8.0

Released date: 2017-09-04

1. Logout command in a VP required URL to be entered and didn't accept blank values
2. Width factors were not available for container panels in responsive grid nested layout
3. Number of columns = 1 was not respected for radio buttons
4. Operations with records were not available for "checkboxes" widget
5. Replace of a document in document attribute didn't work in IE
6. An object with custom channels (like Clickatell) could not be created

Build 2349 - 2017-08-30 - V8.0

Released date: 2017-08-30

1. Wrong jasperreports.jar was used - missing a fix for using images in page header
2. Splitting a cell destroyed column information underneath the splitted cell
3. Using HTML is the operation menu button in reference grids, destroyed properties of the grid
4. It was still possible to edit open elements after the version has been published
5. Image class was ignored for the Add New button for combo-boxes for references
6. Auto-refresh dialog didn't look properly on Linux
7. Choices of a drop down with custom layout used to display "undefined" if there was a value in the
drop down and fetch was set to "as user types"
8. Duration attribute was displayed as "Java object"

Build 2348 - 2017-08-24 - V8.0

Released date: 2017-08-24

1. Dates without date format could not be saved
2. "Take from locale" value for date formats was not saved
3. Last page of the wizard form didn't have client validation
4. "h:mm a" format didn't work properly
5. Multi-selector widget for attributes with dynamic choices could not be saved
6. Widget type "checkboxes" for non-reference attributes could not be saved
7. Error message was displayed when a new rule was created

Build 2346 - 2017-08-22 - V8.0

Released date: 2017-08-22

1. Rule priorities could not be saved
2. Selecting "checkboxes" as widget type for non-reference attribute didn't work.
3. PhoneGap build was broken
4. Uploading files greater than 64M broke ActiveMQ and the system
There is now control over memory used by ActiveMQ
5. Colon was not displayed after the label of HTML fields
6. Editing an attribute after form section design was saved caused a crash

1. Support for error messages properties in attributes

Build 2345 - 2017-08-21 - V8.0

Released date: 2017-08-21

1. Report Designer was broken on Linux
2. New operation didn't work for Failure rules
3. Objects in the object groups editor were not sorted
4. If parent process was renamed the process displayed under the parent disappeared
5. If a Clickatell channel was present the object was considered a singleton
6. When a cell was merged in FormDesigner column properties were lost
7. Sometimes unsaved changes in a form designer were actually applied
8. Standalone Configuration Tool didn't work
9. Applying style to a form could change the original form
10.Filters property in grid styles was not applied correctly

1. All video links point to update tutorials

Build 2344 - 2017-08-15 - V8.0

Released date: 2017-08-15

1. Images used in page headers and footers in reports didn't work (wrong version of jasperreports library)
2. Standard view tab in the "custom query" dialog didn't work
3. List of displayed attributes in query editor sometimes displayed a wrong list
4. Running as Windows service didn't work
5. Font customization didn't apply to bold properties
6. Advanced scripts for reference grids and other reference widgets could not be set

Build 2343 - 2017-08-08 - V8.0

Released date: 2017-08-08

1. ProductKey utility didn't work on Mac
2. Some queries on objects persisted externally with foreign keys defined didn't work
3. New lines disappeared in the Initial Value dialog
4. Couldn't change from text area widget to textbox widget
5. Badges with expressions using apostrophe caused preview to disappear and display "parser undefined" error

Build 2341 - 2017-08-03 - V8.0

Released date: 2017-08-03

1. Menu button for item operations is now available for trees that show one type of object (tree grid)
2. Ability to allocate testing tables in a separate database
3. Search scripts functionality

Bugs fixed in 8.0
1. If a non-main frame didn't have tabs but the main frame had tabs, the content panels of the frame were not resolved
2. Login via Facebook was broken
3. When last filter was removed from a query it still exported with a filter into CSV
4. Email from address was not displayed properly in UTF-8
5. Queries on some business object groups didn't work
6. startProcessWithInit had problems if email address was used in parameters (@ symbol)
7. LOGOUT action didn't work
8. If tags were used in the HTML editor they could not be saved
9. Sometimes shortcuts to external references didn't work.
10.Small security problem when using "forgotten password" functionality
11.Zoho integration was broken
12.Rename of a process could cause panel operations to be stripped of a reference attribute on forms

Build 2240 - 2017-03-27 - V7.1

Released date: 2017-03-27

1. Context menu of operations on Google Maps didn't work
2. Render script defined for a content panel in a VP was not executed if panel was refreshed
3. Google Map with many markers was slow even if geo coding was not used
4. Enabling/disabling of Deletes on calendar is always allowed

1. CR removed from the output of GET_CHANGES function
2. Support for e-mail headers

Build 2238 - 2017-02-08 - V7.1

Released date: 2017-02-08

1. Actions after EXEC_SCRIPT were not executed
2. European numbers didn't work in the latest version of Chrome

Build 2237 - 2016-10-17 - V7.1

Released date: 2016-10-17

1. Delete button for rules in User Defined Processes didn't work properly
2. Images in User Defined Email Templates didn't work
3. Rows with item rules didn't display properly in tree grids

Build 2236 - 2016-10-07 - V7.1

Released date: 2016-10-07

1. Screen jump when a modeless window is brought to top
2. "New tab" settings for responsive nested layout didn't work
3. New features for tabs didn't work if a tab was opened by a process

Build 2235 - 2016-10-05 - V7.1

Released date: 2016-10-05

1. Integration with Google,Outlook,iCloud,Exchange calendars through Cronofy
2. An option not to handle foreign keys when discovering attributes
3. EXEC_SCRIPT action
4. Ability to insert new tab after the current one
5. Ability to go to the existing tab rather than open a new one if a tab has already been opened
6. Ability to run a process when a dynamic tab is selected by the user
7. Ability to run a process when form is closed

1. Custom JDBC connection with runtime URL was used when attributes were discovered
2. Unicode characters were not handled properly in form and grid styles.
3. Single selection in PICK FROM was not preserved across several pages
4. It was possible to close the process window even if "disallow cancel" was ticked
5. Expanded rows sometimes were not cleaned up properly
6. Closing a form in a new tab could crash

Build 2229 - 2016-09-26 - V7.1

Released date: 2016-09-26

1. MOBILE actions didn't work properly if they were last in a sub-process
2. Disabled protection rules were executed
3. Number formats with thousand separators didn't work if a locale was specified
4. isnull and isempty filters in queries were not supported
5. More robust handling of background errors

Build 2227 - 2016-09-19 - V7.1

Released date: 2016-09-19

1. An image could not be used in header/footer of the page in a report
2. Inserting new records for external objects having auto-incremented columns didn't work in SQL Server
3. Adding a reference using a query with prompted values didn't work
4. Sometimes tab name was incorrectly changed.
5. Referred attribute in a reference part of a mapping rule in import templates was not displayed properly

Build 2226 - 2016-09-13 - V7.1

Released date: 2016-09-13

1. Some installations could lose business objects

Build 2225 - 2016-09-12 - V7.1

Released date: 2016-09-12

1. SCALE_IMAGE function didn't scale transparent PNG correctly
2. Popup form was not closed when it was saved
3. Showing document window repeatedly could display wrong document title
4. Horizontal reports didn't fill the last row correctly

Build 2224 - 2016-09-08 - V7.1

Released date: 2016-09-08

1. Dynamic recalculation of a multi-selector field didn't work sometimes
2. LIST_TABLE_START didn't work if only one parameter was specified
3. Export in Excel didn't work correctly for queries with column groups

Build 2223 - 2016-09-06 - V7.1

Released date: 2016-09-06


- Java 64-bit
- Java 8
- Support for references for external objects
- Foreign key constraints automatically detected
- New ones can be added
- One-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one supported
- Many-to-many not supported
- Some IN expressions in queries not supported
- Primary keys automatically detected
- Matching references can be defined
- Shortcuts can be defined
- Native mobile apps
- Take photo from camera - MOBILE CAMERA SNAP INTO Object.PictureAttribute
- Take photo from photo library - MOBILE CAMERA GET INTO Object.PictureAttribute
- Get current geo location - MOBILE GET LOCATION TO MobileGeoLocation - write into existing one
(also available for non-native mobile and desktop)
- Watch changes of the current location (MOBILE START LOCATION WATCH INTO
and MOBILE STOP LOCATION WATCH FROM MobileGeoLocation (also available for non-native mobile and desktop)
- Show current location (didn't work in 7.0) - also centers the map around current location
- Push notifications (iOS devices not tested yet):
- Push Notifications setup in the Config. Tool
- MOBILE SUBSCRIBE action to register a phone for push notifications
- MOBILE PUSH MobilePushNotification TO MobilePhone - send push notifications
- Configuration improvements
- Quick Test command
- CA reports more info about processes and queries
- CTRL mouse click in rule and queries goes to the definition of the element
- SHFT mouse click in a rule brings up quick view of the element
- GoTo button in a visual perspective menu and in Operations Dialog
- Formatting of the text rule is preserved when switching from standard rule form
- Ability to disable a rule
- Find Element command
- Expand buttons for HTML cell and Advanced Script dialogs
- Form and grid styles
- Manage styles command
- Set current style (drop downs)
- Apply current style to new form or query
- Apply specified style to the existing form or query
- Support for Tomcat session persistence
- Support for ReplyTo field in the Outgoing Email notification
- Font combo in report designer is bigger
- Delete font command in report designer
- New version of the Kendo UI Library
- Number formatting problems with the thousand separator fixed
- Latest version of Font Awesome 4.6.3
- Determining user location on startup has been removed - becomes unnecessary
- Closest addresses in the presentation GM - not supported

Build 2181 - 2016-08-31 - V7.0

Released date: 2016-08-31

1. Multiline strings could screw up locale
2. More robust handling of closing of inbox folders when receiving emails
3. Attribute style strings using tags didn't work in queries
4. Close button appeared in DISPLAY QUESTION even if "Allow cancel" was off
5. In IE11 and Edge a file could not be deleted in multi-file upload

Build 2180 - 2016-08-23 - V7.0

Released date: 2016-08-23

1. Close form displayed in a popup window could ask an unnecessary question to save changes
2. Multi-selector field used to disregard Advanced script
3. Reading column names from a sample file in import templates didn't work
4. Shortcuts to pictures ignored picture width and height
5. Processes started from search forms could cause problems
6. Edit operations in mobile lists didn't work with infinite scrolling and "load more"option
7. Attributes with similar names were not protected correctly
8. Memory leak when displaying actions menu in a query

1. CTRL-ENTER key is used to submit a form

Build 2179 - 2016-08-11 - V7.0

Released date: 2016-08-11

1. LAST_DAY_OF_MONTH function didn't work in MySQL
2. Dynamic changes of read only flag for Switches didn't work
3. API for Java was missing

Build 2177 - 2016-08-03 - V7.0

Released date: 2016-08-03

1. Dynamic recalculation of separators triggered by radio button click didn't always work.
2. n0, n2, c0, c2 etc formats were not displayed properly in queries
3. Custom JS files were not preserved during installation
4. Sometimes mobile switches were not displayed in preview.
5. Radio buttons and checkboxes in UDP, UDIT and other system functionality had wrong layout
6. UDP's defined in new tabs were not displayed properly
7. Hyperlinks inside presentations used in forms didn't work
8. Read-only flag didn't work for switches

1. Active Processes includes the Refresh button and the Name column is wider

Build 2175 - 2016-07-20 - V7.0

Released date: 2016-07-20

1. Disabling column headers didn't work for references
2. Error when entering an object using default Add New Reference operation used to close the window
3. Displaying document on phones caused a little shift
4. Custom mobile queries used to execute a single non-default operation multiple times
5. Mobile grouping was broken
6. Cancel operation in mobile action sheet was not translated

Build 2174 - 2016-07-07 - V7.0

Released date: 2016-07-07

1. Filters for queries were not displayed if nothing else was defined for toolbars
2. New Tab output option for processes in hyperlinks of presentations didn't work
3. In BSV's with locale defined numbers with thousands separator didn't work

Build 2173 - 2016-06-22 - V7.0

Released date: 2016-06-22

1. If previous operation wasn't defined for the wizard form, it didn't work
2. Icons for panel operations on trees didn't work
3. Icon rules for shortcuts didn't work properly
4. Numbers were left-aligned in RTL layout
5. Paging bar for custom queries didn't respect min. width and max.width
6. Numbers were not formatted properly in custom queries

Build 2172 - 2016-06-15 - V7.0

Released date: 2016-06-15

1. CLOSE TAB operation didn't work if it wasn't last in the process

Build 2171 - 2016-06-13 - V7.0

Released date: 2016-06-13

1. Using $ in number formats wasn't displayed properly in queries
2. Polygons didn't work on Google Maps in forms
3. Auto-refresh of popup windows didn't work
4. DATE_PART function didn't work in SQL Server
5. Reference grids inside tabs on forms didn't show data in the preview mode
6. If underscore was used in the attribute name two spaces were generated for label
7. Tree items with item rules were not displayed properly

1. Refresh implementation process is supported in auto-refresh of HTML content panels
2. Multiple outgoing email accounts are now supported through SEND ... USING syntax
3. An option to display modeless windows in the center of the screen
4. Address info is displayed by default when a marker is clicked on a Google map
5. Ability to define styles of column headers in grids
6. Ability to hide column headers in grids
7. Ability to specify tab options when output of an operation is "new tab" - title, icon, margins etc
8. CLOSE TAB action. Ability to close tabs from rules

Build 2169 - 2016-06-02 - V7.0

Released date: 2016-06-02

1. Panel bar menu was not displayed properly for small fonts
2. Setting min or max value in Timestamp control didn't work properly
3. Changing the value in cascading drop down didn't clear the dependent selection
4. It was not possible to create vertical layout of radio buttons
5. Numbers with the European culture were not displayed properly in queries
6. Help/Search didn't work in the Config. Tool

1. On icon click supported for query menu button

Build 2168 - 2016-05-23 - V7.0

Released date: 2016-05-23

1. More problems with Save Changes message for numbers
2. Sometimes Cancel button was displayed in DISPLAY QUESTION even if a process was marked as not to display it
3. Paging of filtered data in custom queries removed the filter
4. Expansion of the left menu destroyed display of the Gantt chart
5. Export in Excel didn't work for grouped queries
6. Search forms didn't work inside PICK FROM action
7. Processes using SPA mode could work incorrectly as native apps

Build 2167 - 2016-05-16 - V7.0

Released date: 2016-05-16

1. REST support - # symbol replaced with ~ symbol for array representation
2. SCALE_IMAGE function left temporary image files
3. Number field using thousands separator could cause unnecessary "Save changes?" message
4. Number field displayed on an un-rendered fieldset could cause problems
5. Drag and drop replaced with item reordering
6. Resources were not initialised when creating events in scheduler
7. Select All checkbox in queries was not cleared when items were deleted

1. Tours, Document Files, Shortcuts and Picture video tutorials added

Build 2166 - 2016-05-04 - V7.0

Released date: 2016-05-04

1. Expansion for attribute in references represented as tables didn't work
2. Modeless windows refresh could cause problems
3. PhoneGap build didn't work

1. "Remember me" functionality on mobile phones

Build 2165 - 2016-04-29 - V7.0

Released date: 2016-04-29

1. Styles for shortcuts didn't work
2. Material Black theme was missing
3. Links in object presentations were underlined
4. If there were collapsed fieldsets on the form form could not be saved
5. Bigger windows on phones for displaying documents
6. Mobile version had some problems in the RTL mode
7. Attribute expansion information screwed up all settings

Build 2164 - 2016-04-21 - V7.0

Released date: 2016-04-21

1. SwapSelect control caused unnecessary "Save changes?" message
2. Numeric formats with thousand separator sometimes were not displayed properly in queries
3. Form could not be saved if an input mask was used on a non-activated tab
4. More robust handling of assigning heights to forms opened in new tabs
5. Filters in standard queries used to call the server many times unnecessarily
6. Modeless windows were not minimizable by default
7. Format in AS_STRING function didn't work for numbers
8. Multi-select control wrapped to the next line if widths were specified as percentages

1. It is possible now to refer to attribute values in styles

Build 2163 - 2016-04-16 - V7.0

Released date: 2016-04-16

1. Tabbed forms displayed in a new tab didn't work properly

Build 2162 - 2016-04-15 - V7.0

Released date: 2016-04-15

1. "Attributes to Show" dialog in scheduler's resources didn't work properly
2. "Attributes to Show" dialog didn't work for the second resource
3. New user registration was not handled properly
4. Sometimes Cancel button on a form didn't return to the previous component
5. Queries were not displayed properly in a new tab
6. Putting ID attribute on a form caused "Would you like to save changes" message
7. Widths specified in percentages in forms didn't work correctly if there were help buttons present

Build 2161 - 2016-04-11 - V7.0

Released date: 2016-04-11

1. Form displayed in a new tab didn't scroll

Build 2160 - 2016-04-11 - V7.0

Released date: 2016-04-11

1. Button created in HTML forms used to lose its styling after dynamic recalculation
2. Tabs of a visual perspective used to scroll with the contents
3. If no shortcuts were defined in the appointment object resources for scheduler didn't work
4. Reference tab names were not translated properly
5. Translated operations were not displayed properly in the toolbar
6. Search button in queries using form was not translated

1. It is possible to click on the main button in the toolbar menu to get the menu to popup

Build 2158 - 2016-04-05 - V7.0

Released date: 2016-04-05

1. Tour symbol was not properly deleted
2. Tours of forms were not displayed if form was displayed on a new tab
3. Sometimes "return to previous component" flag on forms didn't work
4. Refresh on badges made it difficult to test
5. Filtering parameters for Add Reference operation were not saved properly
6. Images were not displayed in the "Display printer-friendly" operation in a query
7. PICK FROM action didn't use the header of the query

Build 2157 - 2016-03-30 - V7.0

Released date: 2016-03-30

1. Google Maps on a form were not displayed the second time if in popup windows
2. Tours were not visible on popup windows
3. Tours with sub-tours didn't work in DISPLAY LAYOUT and on tabs
4. Tours with elements on query columns didn't work properly
5. Tour of the tab used to disappear in the Config. Tool
6. Records in tree inline editing used to disappear after editing
7. Interactive sorting didn't work for multi-column trees
8. Column summaries in queries used to disappear if a query layout was saved

Build 2156 - 2016-03-24 - V7.0

Released date: 2016-03-24

1. Dates and timestamps using "a" in the format were not displayed in queries.
2. Checkboxes were not disabled properly
3. Generate Add New button for references represented as drop downs was not handled properly
4. Switches and checkboxes located on un-rendered tabs used to lose value

Build 2155 - 2016-03-19 - V7.0

Released date: 2016-03-19

1. UDP's display operations didn't work
2. Handling of Facebook login had problems for the last value in FB response
3. Forms with "close after save" issued a warning message if used as modeless windows
4. Colors of text were not processed properly using ,html option in Word document
5. Display format didn't work for timestamp attributes
6. Integer zeroes were not shown in queries
7. Email addresses used as shortcuts were not displayed properly in queries

1. There was no control on time format in the tooltip in the calendar. Now will take it from StartTime format of the Appointment object
2. Support for HTML format inside LIST_TABLE_START function

Build 2154 - 2016-03-11 - V7.0

Released date: 2016-03-11

1. Some formats with thousands separator were not handled properly (Kendo UI bug)
2. Custom templates in references represented as drop downs were not handled correctly
3. Highlighting row was interpreted as selection
4. UDP's were not placed on the grids correctly
5. Disabling hidden panels in dashboard controls didn't work
6. "Hidden initially" for content panels in a VP was missing
7. Calendar appointments could not be dragged if editing with processes was enabled
8. Standard margins were unnecessarily applied when result of DISPLAY LAYOUT was shown in a new tab

1. New version of the Kendo UI library
2. Filter for references represented as drop downs is now optional

Build 2152 - 2016-03-08 - V7.0

Released date: 2016-03-08

1. A tab created using DISPLAY LAYOUT was not destroyed properly
2. Installation used to remove files from Custom/CSS directory
3. Some custom JS files were not inserted properly
4. Item rules for calendars were not displayed properly
5. Auto-refresh using a process didn't work
6. Some attributes in Gantt tip template didn't work
7. Gantt chart wasn't resized properly
8. Render script didn't work for Gantt
9. Icon didn't work when used in buttons on forms

1. More browser dialog boxes replaced with Kendo windows
2. Highlighted row is restored after refresh

Build 2148 - 2016-03-01 - V7.0

Released date: 2016-03-01

1. Custom template for references represented as drop down showed template for selected value
2. Checkbox list didn't save value for multiple selection
3. Stretch to bottom option didn't work in left and right frames
4. "Select all" checkbox on grids sometimes didn't function properly
5. Item menu didn't work for mobile list view widget when "load all" was on
6. Advanced script didn't work for attributes represented as drop down
7. Access levels and text for menu button for item operations was not translated
8. Preview data didn't display in the Edge browser
9. Two undefined values in choices were shown sometimes
10.Item operations didn't work for Gantt chart
11.DateTime fields with date only formats didn't work properly
12.Some sample applications used to display an error message on startup

1. Filter is now available for references represented as drop downs with "fetch all"

Build 2147 - 2016-02-18 - V7.0

Released date: 2016-02-18

1. Buiding native mobile apps didn't work
2. Export didn't work for queries with grouped headers
3. ENTER on text area used to submit a form
4. Ampersand symbols were incorrectly displayed in references represented as drop downs

Build 2146 - 2016-02-15 - V7.0

Released date: 2016-02-15

1. SPA processes didn't display buttons without an application menu
2. Load All for mobile templates didn't work
3. Paths didn't work when mapping attributes in import templates
4. Operation names were not translated
5. Calendar data had problems with encoding
6. URL_CONTENTS function didn't support UTF-8
7. Filters didn't work for query with groupd and item operations menu button
8. URL action was using post instead of get
9. Execute process after save didn't work
10.Inline editing of grids that had pictures caused problems
11.Dynamic recalculation of multiselect had problems
12.Form with two password had problems
13.Non-persistent object were not preserved in the context of a process displaying a query
14.Undefined text was unnecessarily added to the reference represented as a drop down

Build 2144 - 2016-02-08 - V7.0

Released date: 2016-02-08

Aware IM 7.0 Release Notes

Aware IM 7.0 is a major new release containing a number of new features, improvements and bug fixes.
The list of the new features and improvements is shown below:

1. Grid improvements (Query, standard representation)
a) New filtering capabilities:
- Ability for the end user to specify detailed filter parameters for a column (with one or two conditions)
(DEMO: SalesPortal sample app. Product and Orders tab - filter icons next to each column)
- Ability to show a separate row of filters
(DEMO: CRM sample app. Customers tab)
b) New Paging bar options for grids and references
(DEMO: Different grids in CRM sample app)
- Ability to specify whether previous/next buttons are displayed
- Ability to specify whether page numbers are displayed
- Ability to specify whether page input is displayed
c) Ability to turn on/off menu for columns
(DEMO: Different grids in CRM sample app)
d) Ability to control whether export/print buttons are available for reference grids
e) Ability to specify display format for numbers and dates. This is when you want to show dollar signs for numbers, for example
(No demo yet)
f) Export to XLSX
(DEMO: CRM Sample app. Customers tab)
g) Export to PDF
(DEMO: CRM Sample app. Customers tab)
h) Ability to put summaries to column footers. In 6.0 there was one row for summary. In 7.0 you can put multiple summaries underneath
different columns
(No demo yet)
i) Hierarchical grids with the ability to run operation on expand.
This makes it possible to display grids that may include other grids, forms etc.
(DEMO: Product and Orders tab in SalesPortal sample app shows hierarchical grids with 3 levels, Customers tab of the CRM sample app
shows grids with embedded forms)
j) Ability to specify CSS class or style to any query
(DEMO: CRM sample app - queries on the dashboard have a special class that allow styling header of the query)
k) Ability to put item operations on a single menu button (no demo yet)

2. Support for modeless windows as operation/menu command target
Unlike popup windows modeless windows can be resized, moved, but they stay on the screen and allow users to perform operations with the system
(DEMO: CRM sample application - click on Edit in the Alerts grid on the dashboard)

3. Calendar/Scheduler improvements
a) In the Configuration Tool calendar and scheduler have been merged. Scheduling capabilities are now available as different "timeline" views
of the calendar
(DEMO: CRM sample app - calendar on the dashboard or in the menu, Team Tasks tab)
b) Popup editing for the offline mode
By default editing in the calendar is performed by a special popup window which does not require interaction with the server.
This editing is especially helpful in the offline mode
(DEMO: CRM sample app - all calendars - on the dashboard, in the menu, Team Tasks)
c) Ability to specify options for views (major ticks, minor ticks etc)
(No demo yet)
d) Agenda View
(DEMO: CRM sample app: click on Diary/Company in the menu, click on the Agenda in the calendar)
e) Export to PDF
(No demo yet)
f) Ability to specify two resources for the scheduler
(No demo yet)

4. Charts improvements
a) Support for chart title displayed above or below the chart
(No demo yet)
b) Support for chart borders with colors etc
(No demo yet)
c) Support for opacity of the chart area
(No demo yet)
d) Donut charts
(DEMO: SalesPortal sample app - Market Share graph on the Regional Sales Status tab)
e) Linear gauges
(DEMO: Issue Resolution sample app - dashboard)
f) Ability to automatically aggregate values for the same dates on a chart. This solves the problem of having to do aggregate calculations on a server
(DEMO: SalesPortal sample app - Revenue graph on the Regional Sales Status tab. See "Aggregate Function for Date Series" drop down
in the properties of the series for the query)
g) Support for axis visibility
(DEMO: SalesPortal sample app - Revenue graph on the Regional Sales Status tab)
h) Ability to define series by the value of an attribute
(DEMO: SalesPortal sample app - Top Selling Products graph on the Regional Sales Status tab. See how series are defined for the
corresponding query)

5. Gantt improvements
a) Display custom columns in the Gantt with width and title
(DEMO: Project Management sample app)
b) Configuration of views with formats for dates and time
(No demo yet)
c) Export PDF
(No demo yet)

6. Visual Perspective improvements
a) UI to editing of visual perspectives in the Config. Tool has been redesignsed
b) New menu types -
- Toolbar
(DEMO: CRM sample app - toolbar at the top)
- Panel Bar
(DEMO: CRM sample app - menu on the left)
- Plain List
(DEMO: CRM sample app for mobile phones - slide-in menu)
c) Responsive Grid layout (Simple)
This uses responsive Bootstrap grid layout and allows specifying width of panels on different devices
(No demo yet)
d) Responsive Grid layout (Nested)
Introduces nested layouts in Aware IM which are also responsive. This layout is a recommended one for any application.
All other layouts (except Responsive Simple) become effectively obsolete.
(DEMO: SalesPortal sample app - Regional Sales Status, Team Efficiency and Product Orders perspectives, CRM sample app - main dashboard)
e) Ability to specify HTML for menu header and footer
(DEMO: SalesPortal sample app - main menu on the left)
f) Ability to specify CSS class and style for menu items (menu and panel bar widgets)
(DEMO: SalesPortal sample app - main menu on the left)
g) Support for the "Overflow flag" for toolbar menu
This allows to specify whether an item on the toolbar menu will be placed on the "overflow" button if the screen becomes too small
(DEMO: SalesPortal sample app - top bar menu at the top, HEADER item)
h) Ability to include "widgets" into the static HTML of content panels:
- Add input controls
(DEMO: Sales Portal sample app - Filters content panel in the Regional Sales Status VP)
- Add buttons that can start processes, queries etc
Buttons are properly styled according to current theme (no demo yet)
- Add Google Maps (with polygon opacity, stroke weight and highlighting)
(DEMO: Sales Portal sample app - Map content panel in the Regional Sales Status visual perspective
i) Ability to auto-refresh Content Panels with HTML content
Auto-refresh settings are the same as for queries and forms
(DEMO: most content panels in the SalesPortal sample app, for example, Selected Country and Map in the Regional Sales Status visual perspective
j) Ability to set font size for a VP
All themes are dependent on the font size used, so when the font size is changed the theme adjusts itself accordingly. It is now possible
to specify the size used explicitly and produce bigger or smaller apps
h) Ability to hide a content panel and show it when a button in the top toolbar is pressed
(New type of a menu command - Slide In Content Panel with screen width breakpoint)
(no demo yet)
i) Ability to add a menu command/button that implements "go back" functionality
(Special menu command)
(DEMO: CRM sample app for mobile phones)
j) Slide-in left and right frames menu commands
If a toolbar includes this command clicking on a button representing the command slides-in left or right frame
This is especially useful for the implementation of mobile menus
(DEMO: CRM sample app for mobile phones - menu button in the toolbar)
k) Ability to slide-in arbitrary content panel (slide-in command with no screen breakpoint)
This is similar to the previous item, but instead of sliding in a menu you can slide-in a content panel
(DEMO: CRM sample app for mobile phones - help button in the toolbar)

7. Improvements to Forms
a) Support for masked input
(No demo yet)
b) Display pictures as circles in forms and queries
(DEMO: CRM sample app, Customers tab)
c) Support for width in document fields
(DEMO: CRM sample app, Outgoing Letter form - attachment)
d) Ability to easily add buttons to HTML cells of the form with appropriate actions
Buttons are properly styled according to the current theme
(No demo yet)
e) Ability to specify CSS Style and class for a form
(No demo yet)
f) Support for "inline" mode in the HTML editor - in this mode HTML editor is only displayed when the user clicks on the text
(No demo yet)
g) Ability to display Yes/No attributes as a switch
(No demo yet)

8. Support for Offline Mode (no demo yet)
a) Grid and calendars can work in the "offline" mode when there is no Internet connection to the server
b) Once connection is restored Aware IM automatically synchronizes changes performed by the user in grids and calendars with the server
c) Grids and calendars support an option that allows reading all existing data at once. This should be used before the system goes offline
so that grids and calendars do not need to ask the server for data
d) Toolbar menu in the top bar frame and status frame support an option to display an offline switch. This switch should be used to move the
system into the offline mode and then back to the online mode
e) Sync log is displayed if there were errors during syncronisation

9. Improvements for operations (used in forms and queries)
a) Ability to specify icons and location for some standard operations, such as CSV export, Print, Refresh etc
(DEMO: most grids used in CRM sample app, for example Customers tab)
b) Ability to designate application menus as location for any operation
The application menu is automatically merged with operations of forms or queries once those become active. Form operations are automatically
removed from the application menu when a form/query becomes inactive
(no demo yet)
c) Support for dynamic application bottom bar
If form/query operation is designated for the application bottom bar, a toolbar with operations will automatically appear at the bottom of
the screen (can be especially useful for mobile apps)
(DEMO: CRM sample app for mobile phones - Staff Members operation in the menu)
d) Ability to disable "Executing mask" for process operations
(DEMO: Sales Portal sample app - an operation that starts EmployeeSelected process)

10. More flexibility for headers of forms and queries
a) Ability to define custom HTML header
(DEMO: SalesPortal sample app - most queries displayed on the Regional Sales Status tab, Product Orders tab,
CRM sample app - Team Tasks tab)
b) Ability to put caption in the application toolbar at the top
(DEMO: CRM sample app for mobile phones - the query on the home page and most other queries)
c) "Mobile style" header. Special styling of the header for mobile phones - displayed in bold at the center of the form
d) Ability to turn off the header completely
(DEMO: Most queries in the CRM sample app for mobile phones)

11. Support for badges in tabs of a VP, forms and on buttons of the toolbar menu
(DEMO: CRM sample app - badge on the "user" button in the toolbar,

12. Mobile specific features (but can also be used in non-mobile apps)
a) Support for mobile List view with groups, fixed headers, filtering and checkbox selection
(select mobile template in a custom query)
(DEMO: CRM sample app for mobile phones - query on the home page)
b) Option for drop downs to use "mobile style" choices
(no demo yet)
c) Option for dates and datetimes to use native browser controls, rather than standard widgets
(DEMO: CRM sample app for mobile phones - all forms with dates)
d) Ability to set "mobile style" to tabs of forms and visual perspective - bigger tabs with top icon alignment
(DEMO: CRM sample app for mobile phones - customer form)
e) Scroll View (in custom query)
(DEMO: CRM sample app for mobile phones - Gallery View command in the menu)
f) Support for animation in transitions between pages
(DEMO: CRM sample app for mobile phones)

13. Miscellaneous
a) SAVE SCREEN action can save the entire screen as image and PDF
(no demo yet)
b) Processes can now be interrupted by clicking on operations on forms or queries
(no demo yet)
c) Ability to run processes and form queries in the current window, not in a popup window
(DEMO: CRM sample app for mobile phones - create new customer)
d) Templates for custom queries support conditional HTML expressions
(no demo)
e) Ability to align panels to the bottom edge of the screen with automatic resizing
(DEMO: SalesPortal sample app - Product Orders tab, CRM sample app - Customers tab)
g) Support for culture in locale
h) Ability to center Google Map around fixed point and not display any addresses
i) Ability to calculate aggregate expressions in HTML tags on the client
j) TO_PROPER_CASE function
k) TESTING_MODE function

Build 2056 - 2015-12-07 - V6.0

Released date: 2015-12-07

1. DISPLAY LAYOUT didn't display tab icon set explicitly into the tab
2, Slight problem with the initial display of shortcuts to images

1. MS Word supports attributes formatted as HTML

Build 2052 - 2015-11-11 - V6.0

Released date: 2015-11-11

1. More MySQL 5.7 compatibility problems

Build 2051 - 2015-11-09 - V6.0

Released date: 2015-11-09

1. Using "Use Form" in presentation of references caused integrity errors
2. Shortcuts to images didn't work in the mobile version
3. MySQL 5.7 compatibility problem

Build 2046 - 2015-10-06 - V6.0

Released date: 2015-10-06

1. Shortcut of any level can be retrieved when object is recalculated
2. Some server messages were not properly encoded in UTF-8
3. Sometimes trees could crash
4. "Unable to serialize process" problem
5. URL command sometimes didn't work

Build 2045 - 2015-08-24 - V6.0

Released date: 2015-08-24

1. Multi-selector control always displayed page bar
2. "Delete instance" option for the Delete operation on a tree didn't work
3. IE had problems with auto-selection of default operation - it was invoked on scrolling
4. Currency field caused a crash if it was on a tab that hasn't been displayed by the user
5. Dynamic recalculation involving ampersand symbols could cause problems
6. Centre-aligned forms didn't work in the RTL mode
7. UTF-8 wasn't applied to "Invalid credentials" screen after login
8. UTF-8 wasn't applied to URL_CONTENTS function
9. Process window wasn't hidden if a process took a while
10.Charts were not displayed in a popup window
11.When there is no data an empty message is displayed on the paging bar in grids.
12.Deleting Document attribute defined as "File System" caused problems when publishing

Build 2042 - 2015-06-30 - V6.0

Released date: 2015-06-30

1. Cascading drop downs in the mobile version didn't quite work properly still
2. Values of multi-selector control were wiped out after dynamic recalculation
3. Disallow cancelling the process didn't work for subprocesses

Build 2041 - 2015-06-26 - V6.0

Released date: 2015-06-26

1. Recalculation during grid inline editing with European numbers didn't work properly
2. RTL didn't work in some circumstances
3. Previous fix for Chrome mobile was not done for mobile login forms
4. RTL was lost when switching visual perspectives
5. Saving import template with validation rules didn't work
6. Executing a process on a form didn't keep the order of reference tabs

1. Ability to rename aware_ext directory
2. Mobile version supports cascading drop downs

Build 2040 - 2015-06-01 - V6.0

Released date: 2015-06-01

1. Some garbage was left at the end of the HTML editor field in IE if the field was cleared.
2. A process executed on form save used to clear all tabs of a visual perspective
3. Chrome 43 broke the mobile version
4. Wizard form sections didn't quite work properly in wizard forms

Build 2039 - 2015-05-22 - V6.0

Released date: 2015-05-22

1. Better handling of duplicate id problem that could cause data loss in production
2. Delete All button was always generated for reference tables
3. Firefox used to write
for empty line in HTML editor
4. Chrome 43 had problems with nested menus
5. Style of the label was not set for the first element in the multi-attribute cell

1. Support for pageSize in multi-selector control

Build 2038 - 2015-05-14 - V6.0

Released date: 2015-05-14

1. In FF some garbage was added at the end of HTML string
2. More scheduler localisation problems
3. Remove All problem fix for multiple file upload didn't make it into the build
4. Previous fix in the scheduler caused problems
5. Tab name in a visual perspective was not localised

1. Very big forms are now displayed faster

Build 2037 - 2015-05-11 - V6.0

Released date: 2015-05-11

1. Some operations on external objects with reserved keywords still didn't work
2. Width in pixels was not correctly calculated for trigger fields
3. "1 month" string in scheduler was not localized
4. Month times in scheduler used to disappear when a process was run
5. Swap select sometimes didn't work properly

1. GET_CHANGES functions prepares info in the HTML format

Build 2035 - 2015-05-06 - V6.0

Released date: 2015-05-06

1. Remove All button in multiple file upload didn't work
2. Add New button was always generated for references represented as drop downs
3. Sorting queries on shortcuts didn't return entries with undefined values
4. Getting references for protection conditions sometimes didn't work

Build 2034 - 2015-05-04 - V6.0

Released date: 2015-05-04

1. Shortcuts to timestamp caused problems in inline editing
2. Pressing tab after the last column could jump into an unexpected cell
3. Owner of the form was not given as context to operations with the tree
4. Applicability conditions for tree operations were not evaluated
5. If empty value was included in choices in drop down it was saved to the server
6. If external database used reserved name as column name, updating a record didn't work

1. Ability to embed inline video in object forms
2. Ability to use tab id in DISPLAY LAYOUT action
3. Ability to use tags in tab names
4. Object can be deleted even if some attributes are not accessible to a user
5. Auto-refresh settings are now available for a tree

Build 2031 - 2015-04-28 - V6.0

Released date: 2015-04-28

1. PhoneGap build didn't work if icons were used
2. Images in HTML documents were not handled properly in emails
3. Access levels in UDP were incorrectly applied to the entire system
4. Menus were hard to operate on a tablet
5. Gauge chart couldn't be created or modified
6. Width in symbols was not determined correctly

1. An option for tree menu to be displayed in the old way

Build 2030 - 2015-04-08 - V6.0

Released date: 2015-04-08

1. Chart labels were not formatted using the number format
2. Bars on the chart were shifted if series with multiple bars was used
3. User defined processes on grids didn't work
4. Context menu for trees didn't work
5. Security breach in download_file action
6. Upload picture button didn't work on tablets and mobile
7. Sometimes a form displayed on mouse hover didn't look good

Build 2028 - 2015-03-13 - V6.0

Released date: 2015-03-13

1. Unnecessary empty area in the query
2. Unnecessary warning about the unlimited query in the Config. Tool
3. Text Area in the mobile version was not created properly

Build 2027 - 2015-03-11 - V6.0

Released date: 2015-03-11

1. If there are no applicable operations inside a folder, the folder button is not created
2. Setting value of the reference represented by a drop down to the undefined text didn't work
3. Setting icon for the Add New button of the references represented by drop down didn't work
4. Exporting query didn't export currently visible columns
5. Switching to a menu type was disabled in the top bar in a vp if the type of the page was "Tabs"
6. Editing a parent process cause processes "displayed under" to disappear
7. Trees had problems in some locales
8. Operations with description that were members of a folder didn't work
9. Form operations didn't work for Change Login Details command
10.Text areas were broken in the mobile version
11.Dynamic updating of the reference represented by drop down could screw up inline editing (Ordering - creation of new Order).
12.Setting UNDEFINED value for a Picture attribute didn't work
13.Date fields were not dynamically recalculated if changed manually
14.System always used to reset max_allowed_packet for MySQL to 16Mb
15.Time field with a range was not validated correctly

1. It is now possible to set UNDEFINED value by rules for attributes with choices when no other choices are allowed
2. Query filter improvements:
- Ability to specify query filters as combo boxes
- Ability to use "undefined text"
- Ability to use Advanced script
- Ability to put filters in the query header
3. Improvements in the CRM and Library apps related to query filters

Build 2024 - 2015-02-24 - V6.0

Released date: 2015-02-24

1. Tooltips are displayed better
2. It was hard to select attributes in mapping rules for import templates

1. Ability to add input controls to a button menu
2. Ability to set Advanced scripts for a menu
3. Search controls added to CRM and Library sample apps

Build 2023 - 2015-02-19 - V6.0

Released date: 2015-02-19

1. Numbers with dollar format were broken
2. Pie sectors were cut-off in pie charts when you hover over them
3. "More..." links in the month view of the calendar didn't work

Build 2022 - 2015-02-18 - V6.0

Released date: 2015-02-18

1. Numbers with thousands separator were broken
2. HTML format attributes and text areas had problems
3. In Day view of scheduler end time was one hour off

Build 2020 - 2015-02-16 - V6.0

Released date: 2015-02-16

1. Tree node expansion/collapse was not animated
2. Cleanup of text area/HTML editor height/number of lines/width
3. Dynamic recalculation of timestamp fields didn't work properly

1. Tree menu looks better
2. Toolbar buttons are left aligned for toolbars on the left and right
3. Ability to control nmb of ticks for axis on a chart
4. GENERATE_PWD function
5. CRM and Library sample apps have been slightly modified

Build 2019 - 2015-02-10 - V6.0

Released date: 2015-02-10

1. Inline editing of dates and timestamps with recalculation had problems
2. Expansion of grids had problems
3. Pressing space with "fetch dynamically" for the custom layout didn't work

1.Ability to specify icon for Add Reference and Add New Reference buttons

Build 2018 - 2015-02-05 - V6.0

Released date: 2015-02-05

1. Spinner was not created for some number formats
2. Responsiveness was broken
3. In Firefox clicking with the right button on an event in the scheduler used to invoke the default operation
4. In month view of the calendar clicking on All day entry didn't work in IE
5. Closing a form sometimes required two clicks

Build 2017 - 2015-02-01 - V6.0

Released date: 2015-02-01

1. Queries and forms with setting saved by user could crash
2. Processing of Word documents could leave Word and the system hanging
3. In some themes Swap Select didn't have icons
4. Zooming when you pinch the screen on mobile devices didn't work
5. Deleting the last page on a query used to disable the paging bar
6. If default operation was defined for a query no other item operation (or expander button) could be invoked
7. Calculated fields in Aria and Carbon fields didn't look good

Build 2014 - 2015-01-28 - V6.0

Released date: 2015-01-28

1. Collapsing a query displayed in a new tab didn't work
2. Moving between cells using Tab during inline editing in a popup window used to lose focus
3. Grouping summary used to disappear after query refresh
4. Mobile perspective in CRM sample app didn't work
5. Second row in a Gantt sometimes wasn't displayed
6. Running Aware IM as a service didn't work
7. Second row of days header in the scheduler was not displayed properly
8. Custom button names were ignored in the mobile version
9. Forms and queries without explicit height were stretched to full screen
10.Blank time field was not allowed. Defaults to 00:00 now
11.Invisible timestamp fields were still validated
12.Visual perspective that was marked as "Phones only" only worked for mobile URL
13.Background color didn't fill the cell of the grid properly
14.Inline editing is now disabled for unlimited queries
15.Applicability conditions were not checked for folder operations on forms and queries
16.Calendar with the old style didn't work

1. References are now allowed in applicability conditions and all other presentation conditions and tags
2. Basic theme
3. Tomcat automatically attempts to reconnect to the server if JMS connection with the server has been lost.
4. Updated Azzurra theme
5. Loading message can now be turned off for custom queries
6. Unlimited option is now available for reference tables

Build 2010 - 2015-01-17 - V6.0

Released date: 2015-01-17

Version 6.0

New features:
1. Sencha 5.0
2. RTL support
3. Tablet support
4. Responsiveness of forms, vp layouts, visibility of frames

1. Multiple chart improvements in the regular and mobile versions
2. Ability to edit choices using "multi-selector"
3. Multi-select drop down field for presentation of multiple references
4. Query and form operations on the left and right
5. Right alignment for labels in forms
6. Support for left, right and bottom position of the form title
7. Support for tab position, icon alignment, text rotation in tabbed forms and visual perspectives
8. Different button sizes and icon alignment in forms and menu
9. Ability to control form and operations toolbars - styles, add text, groups etc
10.Ability to turn off borders for queries of different types
11.Ability to turn off column headers for standard queries
12.Ability to have buttons menu in the left and right frames
update this thread http://www.awareim.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=6984
13.Ability to specify CSS style/class for application menu
14.Ability to add HTML text to the application menu
15.Ability to turn off text display in the application menu
16.Ability to use CSS class in icon rules
17.Infinite grid
18.Ability to specify custom icons for buttons in forms
19.Ability to define CSS class to content panels in a visual perspective
20.Ability to specify where message will be displayed in DISPLAY MESSAGE ASYNC
21.Background processes are executed using a separate logger
23.Support for height and character counter in text area
24.Ability to specify runtime driver URL for external connections
25.Ability to review database changes before the version is published
26.Title of queries/grids supported in the mobile version
27.Support for icons in menu for mobile version - icon classes only and not in hierarchical menu
28.Support for system menu title in the mobile version
29.Support for icons, icon alignment in forms in the mobile version
30.Support for grouped queries in the mobile version
31.Ability to designate "parent" process
32.Ability to use fonts for icons
33.Ability to specify an icon for a form and query
34.Ability to turn off icons for menu items
35.Ability to automatically select first row in a grid and execute default operation
36.Configurable row height in scheduler
37.Ability for the process that creates appointments in calendar to use start and end dates on the calendar where the user clicked

Bug fixes:
1. LoggedInSystemUser used in queries could be converted to a string
2. If form was renamed processes using old name were not updated automatically
3. Orientation change handled properly in the mobile version

Build 1908 - V5.9

1. XML conversion of the chart series name problem
2. Width of a picture for queries in presentation of picture attributes could not be saved
3. Search forms for queries on groups that used reference attributes on them didn't work
4. "Applicable to multiple items" in operations didn't work properly

1. Full request URL is written into parameter object for REST service

Build 1904 - V5.9

1. HTML export problem
2. Query filter was not applied after returning to a filtered query screen

Build 1903 - V5.9

1. Problems with Unicode strings in queries for SQL Server
2. Recurrence form wasn't working
3. Null pointer exception closing tab with a calendar

Build 1900 - V5.9

1. UDP email templates didn't save HTML message correctly
2. Fractions in TIME_ADD function didn't work for negative values
3. It was possible to change protected dates in the mobile version (topic 7159)
4. Browser memory leaks in the main and mobile versions

Build 1899 - V5.9

1. logonM.html didn't work
2. ImportResults object didn't work with import template was used

1. If a form has multiple reference tabs at the bottom and the user navigates away, when he
returns the form shows previously active tab

Build 1898 - V5.9

1. Document operation in queries required selection.
2. Tag expressions can now be specified using @ delimiter for the format to avoid
conflicts with expressions that use comma
3. Shortcut to pictures didn't work in forms
4. Queries on groups didn't work for guest access level

Build 1897 - V5.9

1. "Other" prefix didn't work properly if more than 2 objects were added to the context by a query
2. Date and editable combo box fields were hard to work with in the mobile version
3. Delete operation didn't work in the mobile version
4. Column applicability condition was not supported in the mobile version

Build 1895 - V5.9

1. Disallowing process cancel didn't work for processes that handled forgotten password
2. Empty values for text in HTML format with the background color were not displayed properly
3. Days of the week were not handled properly in scheduling rules
4. Shading non-working hours checkbox in the scheduler was not saved
5. Shading of non working hours in scheduler didn't work properly if less than 1 hour time interval was used
6. Drag and drop in grids with inline editing used to create unnecessary new rows
7. Drag and drop in grids always inserts before the drop node
8. INCREASE, REDUCE actions didn't work properly for multiple objects
9. Operation width was not preserved after an operation was edited
10.Item rules didn't work on object's calendar
11."Other" calendar options were not available for object's calendar

1. Support for "initially collapsed" for checkbox list references

Build 1894 - V5.9


1. Support for vertical orientation in scheduler

Build 1893 - V5.9

1. Very large text values were truncated in Firefox
2. Tabs in visual perspective editor are now scrollable
3. Using new lines in the information window of Google Maps in presentations caused problems

1. IMAGE_DATA function
2. Event Registration sample application
3. Support for text attributes larger than 32K in Derby

Build 1891 - V5.9

1. Preview of forms with reorderable tabs didn't work
2. Rule name didn't convert special symbols when exported in XML
3. Icon of a tab could disappear in the mobile version
4. Usage of AwareApp.userDetails("popup") didn't work properly
5. FIND action on object with documents or pictures could take long time to execute
6. Less than 3 query filters were not shown in the mobile version
7. An object with discovered web services lost them after subsequent updates
8. Control dashboard had no scroll bars

1. "Null" string is interpreted as null in REST encoding
2. Allow specifying business name for REST in the URL - has to be enclosed in @@ symbols:
3. Support for invisibility condition in chart series

Build 1889 - V5.9

1. Calendar didn't display appointments for the last day in month view
2. Import files that included references to external objects could not be imported
3. Combobox didn't work on iPhones in mobile apps
4. When creating import templates spaces in column names no longer allowed
5. Refresh button created in the process mode in mobile forms
6. Uneditable comboboxes in mobile forms caused "Save changes" message even if no changes were made
7. Turning off display image in operations caused problems in the mobile version

1. Ability to use context of the calling process in rules of the imported object during import

Build 1886 - V5.9

1. Publishing problem with the SQL Server

Build 1885 - V5.9

1. Weekly scheduling option in UDP didn't work properly
2. Sometimes drag-and-drop in trees didn't work properly
3. HTML Editor was considered "dirty" even if nothing was changed
4. Custom view of references in forms was broken
5. IE had syntax error
6. Turning off creation and dragging of events in the scheduler didn't work
7. Using European characters in tab names in the mobile version caused problems
8. Visual perspective was hard to edit in low resolutions

1. Ability to disable auto-refresh for process operations

Build 1881 - V5.9

New features:
1. Gantt chart support
2. Ability for the administrator of the end user to control access levels settings
3. Signature support for standard and mobile applications
4. Mobile version:
- Sencha Touch 2 (all supported phones)
- Application menu
- Picture attributes do not need Picup utility
- Document fields and operations
- New themes
- Grids
- column names with sorting
- customizable columns
- multiple selection
- grouped columns
- Charts
- Support for "empty text"
- Spinner support
- Slider support
- Advanced script support for attributes, forms, lists, grids, charts
- New custom query templates
- preview for mobile queries (lists, grids, custom and charts) and mobile forms
- Support for icons in standard form buttons
- Support for icon classes for operations and tabs
- Automatic calculation of the current location of the logged in user
- Ability to specify different visual perspectives for phones and tablets
- Ability to create native mobile applications through PhoneGap
- Support for edit operation by process (that allows traversal)
- Ability to show form tabs at the bottom
- Ability to disable application menu for specific forms and queries
- Photo Album sample application

1. Support for drag and drop from File Explorer in multiple file uploading
2. Ability to specify time interval for DayView in calendar
3. Ability to disable drag and drop in calendar
4. Project Management sample application
5. Support for scrolling to the start of working day in calendar
6. Support for shading of non-working hours and days in calendar
7. Ability to export to iCal from the form of the calendar event
8. Ability to shade working days and hours for scheduler
9. Show today on timeline for scheduler
10. More flexibility in item rules for scheduler and calendar
11. User defined processes can now run user defined queries
12. Links to operations are now not removed when target is a popup window
13. Optimisation of aggregate operations
14. LIST_SIZE function
15.TRANSLATE function as a solution to the translation of text in HTML cells
17. Preview for queries
18. "Under Existing" ouput option for operations
19. Ability to control container styling in custom queries
20. DISTANCE function
21. Support for vertical and horizontal layouts with flexing, alignment and packing
22. Support for saving chart images in a Picture attribute (SAVE SCREEN action)

Bug fixes:
1. Google Maps now use secure call for Maps API
2. Restored previous version of axis.jar without a change to ArraySerializer. As a result elements are produced again when serializing arrays,
but the code works.
3. Printer friendly button in queries uses browser popup window again
4. Quotation marks in strings caused problems in REST/JSON
5. LIST_TABLE_START/END didn't work under Linux
6. Large number of markers on a Google Map didn't work properly

Build 1814 - V5.8

1. Some WSDL files could not be recognized
2. Popup option for processes with VIEW action didn't work properly
3. Inline editing had extra refresh sometimes


Build 1812 - V5.8

1. Sometimes reference grids were not auto-refreshed
2. EXPORT DOCUMENT action exported HTML documents in zip format
3. Commas in custom templates in forms caused data truncation

Build 1811 - V5.8

1. Resources for an old version were not deleted properly

Build 1809 - V5.8

1. Drag and drop had some problems

1. REST now supports posting of forms (url-encoded and multipart-data)
2. An option to display document as in 5.7 - new browser window
3. "Popup Window" option for output of process operations

Build 1805 - V5.8

1. Some missing locale strings
2. Syntax error in some old versions of IE
3. Multiple file upload could cause version conflict error
4. Showing two calendars disabled drag and drop
5. Advanced scripts could not be cleared
6. Advanced render script on form section didn't work
7. Toolitps in calendar operations didn't work
8. Icon not displayed properly in the context menu of the scheduler
9. If two schedulers were displayed resources of the second scheduler were not displayed
10.Swap select issues
11.Targets in hyperlinks in custom presentations were broken
12.Import templates couldn't be selected if Import action had only one import object
13.Exporting query returned all values even if filter was used
14. Sorting problem in Java 7
15.External Oracle db had problems with queries using IN BATCHES OF

1. Speed improvements for CSV import

Build 1802 - V5.8

1. Date/time field wasn't saved if time value was blank
2. Version conflict problem if an object with Zoho document was changed
3. Removed Shutdown Server button as this wasn't working properly

1. Merging of BASServer.props during installation

Build 1797 - V5.8

Version 5.8

New features:
1. Tours
2. Support for REST-ful services (exposed)
3. Viewing and editing of documents in Zoho (also supported in DISPLAY DOCUMENT)

1. No JBoss
2. Ability to specify printer name in PRINT DOCUMENT action
3. Ability to display forms and queries in a background process (and specify target)
4. Ability to use custom function libraries in labels etc (on the client)
5. Ability to specify a process as implementation of form and query refresh
6. UDP attached to changes of object data work better
7. Support for import/export of UDP email templates
8. APPEND option for the EXPORT action
9. Focus automatically moved to the first editable field on addNew in inline editing
10.Backspace button is disabled so that Browser Back is not performed
11.Import/Export menu command only supports objects specified in the command's properties
12.Ability to implement Edit operation as a process, which is executed during Next/Prev operations on a form
13.Empty cells in forms now have the same height as text fields, so that columns line up better
14.Initialisation script for individual attributes and HTML/Gauge cells
15.Documents displayed in a popup window
16.TAKE BEST expression in queries (FIND, DISPLAY, PICK FROM) allows specifying attribute value
17.LIMIT expression in queries
18.Ability to direct output to "SAME PANEL" for operations
19.Ability to specify groups for auto-incremented attributes (values of group and start range attributes must be available before rules are executed,
so they need to be either provided from the UI or initialised in CREATE. One tactics is to use another object for this and CREATE when necessary with
the appropriate group values)
20.Ability for text areas to grow automatically

Bug fixes:
1. SUB_DOCUMENT function did not work for some Windows versions
2. Stored procedures could not be used as filter queries for drop downs
3. Values with choices and other choices allowed were not properly translated in query inline editing
4. External persistence didn't work for business spaces allocated on a separate database
5. WSDL using java.util.Date type could not be discovered
6. smallint values in SQL Server had problems
7. Sort order is respected when multiple objects are returned by a service

Build 1719 - V5.7

1. Resources could be deleted when business space versions were deleted
2. startProcessFromForm and saveForm didn't work in mobile version
3. Some calendar strings were not translated

Build 1717 - V5.7

1. Time fields could be blanked out
2. Applicability conditions for operations in query didn't work properly if the operation name was translated
3. Read protection didn't work properly for yes-no attributes in queries
4. Queries with custom templates didn't work properly sometimes

Build 1715 - V5.7

1. Specific form in Create Object operation was not remembered
2. Cross-scripting attack vulnerability removed

Build 1714 - V5.7

1. Timer events were written into the main log
2. Data templates in custom queries didn't respect attribute format
3. If first attribute of multi-attribute cell was required asterisk was not displayed
4. DISPLAY DOCUMENT didn't work if file names contained ampersand

Build 1712 - V5.7

1. Web services problem
2. Web service discovery could crash
3. Background color for content panels didn't work for non-HTML content panels
4. Saving form with document stored in a file system deleted the document
5. Preview didn't display some HTML cells
6. OR condition in the PROTECT rule caused it to malfunction (wasn't recognized as protection rule)

Build 1707 - V5.7

1. Comma-separated numbers could not be imported in CSV import for user defined templates
2. Business objects were not renamed properly

Build 1706 - V5.7

1. Comma-separated numbers could not be imported in CSV import

1. Unprotecting business space version requires entering a password

Build 1705 - V5.7

1. When AddNew for a drop down was implemented as custom process, the drop down was not updated
2. SQL Server could hang
3. Columns of the "text" type could not be used in string comparison in SQL Server
4. Locale date is maintained in documents and HTML cells

1. Ability to refer to object attributes in scripts in the Advanced button

Build 1703 - V5.7

1. More problems with European numbers
2. Accelerator of the Zoom In command in Report Designer changed to ALT-Z
3. European number format was not used in documents
4. Applicability conditions for operations were not used in the context menu of a tree
5. Item rules in trees didn't work
6. Renaming business object could cause a crash
7. Saving tab order could have problems
8. Better handling of timeout errors

Build 1701 - V5.7

1. Incoming e-mail properties defined for business space version and using SystemSettings didn't work
2. Timestamp field could not be assigned dynamically
3. Custom Add New button name didn't work sometimes
4. More problems with the European number formats

1. NO RULES clause for CREATE and DUPLICATE actions

Build 1700 - V5.7

1. Polygons are loaded one at a time rather than all at once
2. Images in HTML documents had problems
3. BSV was larger size than necessary
4. Problem with "hide label" and dynamic rules

Build 1698 - V5.7

1. Queries with TAKE BEST didn't work in SQL Server
2. Better handling of errors in user defined documents
3. HTML strings in DISPLAY MESSAGE and some other places were not encoded properly

Build 1695 - V5.7

1. Ampersand used in choices was not encoded correctly in forms
2. Label for HTML cells wasn't encoded properly
3. http://www.awareim.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=6011

Build 1694 - V5.7

1. Document attribute didn't remember selection in the Config. Tool
2. Sometimes menu appeared on mobile forms unnecessarily
3. Sometimes reference attributes were not initialised properly during import

Build 1693 - V5.7

1. Run Query operation didnt work

Build 1691 - V5.7

Version 5.7

New features:
1. Ability to add database scripts to a business space version
2. Support for categories for objects, processes, queries
3. Ability to allocate business space on a separate database
4. Support for multiple e-mail accounts (CONNECT TO EMAIL action)
5. Ability to store documents in the file system.
6. Ability to view larger versions of images (lightbox support) in regular and mobile versions
7. Drag and drop support between grids, trees and custom data views

1. Ability to reorder tabs on forms (both form sections and reference tabs) and also save the current order
2. Ability to specify width for operation column in queries and references
3. Drag and drop menu items in visual perspective
4. Support for Other instance prefix
5. Support with NO VALIDATION clause for CREATE action
6. TABLE_PREFIX function
7. Ability to automatically move focus between fields
8. Ability to specify button names for Add and Add New references
10. Format painter in Report Designer
11. Support for Advanced button for reference attributes
12. Default operation is executed on single click rather than double click for trees and custom queries
13. Time format for calendar
14. Ability to use multi-file upload as a process
15. ENCRYPT_B64 and DECRYPT_B64 functions
16. Ability to encrypt Aware IM links
17. Ability to control icons for markers in Google Maps
18. Ability to define polygon areas on Google Maps
19. Option to not perform integrity checking when publishing or testing the version
20. Photo Album sample application
21. Basic theme

Bug fixes:
1. Item rules for calendar didn't work in IE
2. Problem with array of objects in web services:
3. When tabs were swiped form records were swiped as well
4. Processes in mobile version - http://www.awareim.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=6299

Build 1671 - V5.6

1. Initial value if on its own wasn't added to locale
2. Selection in a multi-selection checkbox model was deselected if user clicked outside of the checkbox
3. Some number formats had problems in non-English locale
4. Translation of Yes/No attributes in queries didn't work
5. Forms navigated to from scheduler didn't show operations

Build 1668 - V5.6

1. User defined choices button was displayed during inline editing
2. Translated choices didn't work in grid inline editing

Build 1667 - V5.6

1. FirstCommand is mobile version didn't work if user name and password were not specified
2. Commas used as decimal separators in some locale caused problems in numbers
3. Inline editing of drop downs using arrow up/down had problems
4. Format error message defined in attribute presentation wasn't applied sometimes
5. Changing attributes of objects discovered by service could prevent web service to work correctly
6. Pressing Z caused zoom-in when entering text in Report Designer. Accelerator key changed to CTRL-Z
7. Formats in attribute styles were used in queries even of "Use attribute styles was off"

1. Ability to use tags in the names of form operations
2. Ability to use width in pixels for multi-attribute cells
3. Ability to use reference owner in different conditions on reference tables in the form

Build 1664 - V5.6

1. Fix in Axis for web services array representation
2. Minor branding issues
3. Add New icon was on top of the required icon
4. Ordering sample application was corrupt
5. SQL Server unnecessarily strict when unable to delete reference table
6. Publishing problems of large amount of database table structure changes for SQL Server
7. Value of the timestamp field with time displayed couldn't be blanked
8. Scheduler for grouped resources displayed garbage
9. "Form has been changed by another user" problem under some weird circumstances
10. Query in Add references operation now inherits presentation of reference attribute unless filter is defined
11. FirstCommand parameter was not handled unless explicit user name and password were specified.
12. Operations on the bottom bar in scheduler didn't work

1. Arrow up/down now supported in inline editing of queries
2. If form was changed operations on references prompt to save changes
3. Old values of query filters can be seen when the system returns to the query with filter

Build 1659 - V5.6

1. SQL Server detection
2. SQL Server hang when putting version under test

Build 1657 - V5.6

1. Choices with ampersand caused problems
2. Weird number format problem when using the system in a non-English Windows
3. Import/export to XML of a version with custom Login options didn't work
4. Import/export to XML of a version with time settings didn't work

1. Ability to control visibility of Print, Collapse and Refresh buttons on forms
2. Ability to turn off title for charts

Build 1655 - V5.6

1. Wizard style navigation and dynamic recalculation had a small problem
2. Importing through template with validation on used to create records even if there was a validation problem
3. Response of some web services wasn't handled properly
4. Adding last item as selected in Swap Select control didn't work
5. Bar chart problem (forum topic 5929)
6. Inactive UDP could still be run from forms and grids of an object
7. Invisible fields were submitted as blank
8. Search filter in Add References didn't work properly

1. AS_SQL function
2. Support for "Return to previous component after close" checkbox for Close button in forms

Build 1654 - V5.6

1. Wizard style navigation and dynamic recalculation had a small problem
2. Importing through template with validation on used to create records even if there was a validation problem
3. Response of some web services wasn't handled properly
4. Adding last item as selected in Swap Select control didn't work
5. Bar chart problem (forum topic 5929)
6. Inactive UDP could still be run from forms and grids of an object
7. Invisible fields were submitted as blank
8. Search filter in Add References didn't work properly

1. AS_SQL function
2. Support for "Return to previous component after close" checkbox for Close button in forms

Build 1653 - V5.6

1. LIST_START functions were broken in Word XML documents
2. Incorrect SOAP XML formed when serializing arrays of business objects as parameters of the service

1. BSV_VERSION function
2. Support of an extra parameter in the INDEX_OF function - number of occurrence
3. Ability to right align items of the horizontal menu

Build 1650 - V5.6

1. Confirm Password didn't work in IE8
2. Applicability conditions for form sections didn't work with shortcuts if a form was recalculated
3. Query context for new objects wasn't transferred properly
4. Service declared with multiple return but returning only one instance didn't work
5. Sometimes inline editing of shortcuts caused values to disappear
6. Renaming objects representing parameters of the web services caused all sorts of problems
7. Dynamic recalculation of radio buttons and checkboxes had problems

1. Ability to use SCALE_IMAGE function in reports

Build 1648 - V5.6

1. LIST_TABLE_START for Excel had problems
2. Couldn't expand/collapse groups for grouped queries if inline editing with add new was on
3. Fix to the long standing "path has lists" problem

1. Tab order can be set to -1 to ignore a field

Build 1647 - V5.6

1. Service discovery didn't work in the Mac version
2. External persistence was broken

Build 1646 - V5.6

1. User defined import templates required a special key
2. Delete operation on a form could cause "Record has been deleted" error message

Build 1644 - V5.6

1. Sorting by column on a grouped query could fail
2. Calling a service of Aware IM system that exposed arrays didn't work
3. Configuration of UDP's access didn't work when UDP was triggered in forms and grids
4. Multiple file upload is refreshed at the end, not per file
5. Encrypted attributes didn't work in SQL Server
6. Selecting non-numeric Y axis was not allowed for stacked charts

1. Support for operations above and below scheduler
2. Support of SSL and TLS in incoming and outgoing e-mail (support of gmail and other providers that depend on it)

Build 1642 - V5.6

1. A process couldn't be called in UDP
2. Values for choices were not translated in document templates
3. ID for groups couldn't be selected in a list of displayed attributes
4. Height control was not displayed on the custom query dialog
5. Inline editing could screw up group summary
6. Reference lists could be incorrectly duplicated
7. Log identifier in import/export templates could display wrong attributes

1. DISPLAY DOCUMENT can now merge documents stored in the attributes, not only templates

Build 1640 - V5.6

1. Old versions could crash during standard import (no BAS_UDIT table)
2. After dynamic recalculation label of the first cell in multi-attribute cells could be duplicated if label was above
3. Back functionality form form search queries didn't work properly in the mobile version
4. Publishing a version could fail if UDP option was used
5. Sometimes custom filter queries didn't work correctly in dynamic recalculation

1. RUN_UDP action supports arithmetic expressions as UDP name parameter
2. Support of undefined text for text, number, date and combo fields

Build 1638 - V5.6

Version 5.6

1. Chart query didn't work with form search
2. If all fields within a multiple field cell were protected first label was still shown
3. If "Show button icons" are on on forms, the icons were not shown if the form was displayed by a process
4. Sorting on a column could save the state of the grid
5. Character encoding was wrong after returning from PayPal
6. Description on the right problems
7. Sorting on ID column in queries on groups didn't work
8. SHOW_SECTION_START was broken in Word documents
9. Width and height of query in a custom form were not saved in Config. Tool
10. Save button was shown at the top even if unticked
11. Javascript links didn't work in IE8
12. List buttons were not added to the toolbar for PICK FROM in the mobile version

New Features:

1. Import/export templates module
2. New Accent, Blue Bay themes and Windows 8 themes (CRM, Ordering restyled)
3. Login via Facebook, Google, Twitter
4. Integration with Google Calendar
5. Export/Import to/from iCal files
6. New video tutorials

1. Web services discovery overhaul (old ones need to be rediscovered) - now supports primitive arrays and arrays of objects
2. Exposed web services support arrays in replies and reference attributes in parameters
3. Web services support runtime URL in addition to discovery URL
4. Auto-incremented attributes are considered calculated are automatically protected
5. Ability to show system objects in the Config. Tool
6. Activation/deactivation of User Defined Processes
7. User defined processes can be run from the menu, object forms and grids
8. LIST_TABLE function can be used in calculations
9. Button location for Add and Add New can be specified
10. Tags are supported in menu tooltips, operation tooltips, filter labels
11. Optimisation of shortcuts and query results
12. Ability to specify custom scripts for queries, forms and form sections
13. MySQL 5.6 compatibility
14. Visibility conditions for separators are supported in the mobile version
15. Operation applicability supported in the mobile version
16. Faster and more robust driver for SQL Server
17. Ability to add rows in inline query editing by clicking on an empty area after the last row

Build 1617 - V5.5

1. LIST_TABLE in HTML documents was broken