AwareIM Optimizer

Tilen Kordis and Ocean Software Solutions have been supporting the Magic development community with their amazing Optimization tool for over 10 Years. Please see their website at

Please see the video below for more information.

To get the project started, we will need to Crowd Fund the initial seed needed of 10,000 USD and Tilen will be aiming to have Version 1 Ready, hopefully ready to roll out for the Conference at the end of April.
We are offering three levels of Sponsorship Funding as follows.


Free License and Upgrades for Life
Life time Maintenance & Support


Free License and Upgrades up to and including Version 4
4 Years of Maintenance & Support


Free License and Upgrades up to and including Version 2
2 Years of Maintenance & Support

As a long time Magic Optimizer user we understand the value of this tool so we will kick off the Crowd Funding with a pledge for GOLD SPONSORSHIP.



Flow chart of Forms Select a starting point and draw a flow chart of Forms (additional info on rules, processes…)
Unused elements List of unused elements
Cross reference
  • Show me everything that uses me. BO Ref, BO Shortcut, Query, Process, BO Rule, Any HTML, Report, Notification etc
  • CSS rules
  • Show me everything that I use

    • What BOs I reference.
    • What Processes I call. (from either a Rule, or Form or Button, or AwareApp
    • What files and Classes that I use
    • What scripts I use

    • What Fontawesome Fonts I use

    • What BOs I use that I do not use in a Form

  • If any 3d party plugins are used, like Google maps, any other APIs and anything that is not native to AwareIM
Checks List of Process Calls that have unmatched Process Inputs
List of all CSS files in the Custom/CSS/MyBSV folder and

  • All css classes that are not used
  • All css classes that are duplicated
  • All css classes that are incorrectly formed (ie no closing })
  • List of all .js files in Custom/JS that are used and not used in the BSV
  • Combo boxes without connections to range data - Make of car -> Model of car = did developer forget to ensure the Model combo box shows the range data for selected Make of the car
  • List all Rules that are Commented out - some developer disable rules by using '0=1' or similar additional condition to temporarily disable Rules; it's common to forget to enable these rules back when needed
  • Did developer forget to add Edit/Delete field?
Process flowchart
Cross reference HTML Tags