2464 New Build Released

2461 New Build Released
June 8, 2018
2465 New Build Released
June 28, 2018
1. LOG2 and LOG2 CONTEXT actions were broken
2. In IE buttons of a message box were not properly aligned
3. If a query had "select first record" checked and had no data, there was a problem
4. Read Sample File for export templates didn't work
5. Increment By property in the slider didn't actually move by the increment amount
6. Paste of a folder menu item only did a shallow copy
7. When calling REST service with text reply and no OAuth, the reply was not written into the object

1. READ_TEXT_FILE function
3. Ability to disallow "Add record" functionality when tabbing from last row during inline editing
using Advanced Scripts for standard query (parser.m_doNotAddNewOnTab=true)

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