2452 Version 8.1 Released

2378 New Build Released
February 28, 2018
2453 New Build Released
April 20, 2018
Version 8.1

New features
- Consuming REST services (with OAuth support)
- "Dynamic" columns for queries and references - perform calculations on the fly
- Picture attributes support storage in file system. If storage happens to be inside web application
  directory, images are displayed using links to their storage, rather than generated again
- New Kendo UI library
- Ability to add Calendar widget to the HTML of a content panel in a VP
- Support for embedded spreadsheets
- New Jasper Reports Library
  - support for position types of all elements
  - ability to insert page break anywhere
  - support for text rotation
  - justified alignment for text
  - support for borders for text and images
  - transparency support for text and rectangles
  - line spacing improvements, indentation support for text
  - Table Element
- Business space version comparison
- Office Online Integration

- Tomcat 8.5
- EXEC_STRING action
- EVAL_STRING function
- Support of HTML text in reports: <<Object.HTMLAttribute,html>>
- LOG action (put record in the rule log)
- LOG CONTEXT action
- Transaction isolation level for processes
- Search Script command now also searches HTML
- Space elements vertically and horizontally in Report Designer
- Support for "last modified date" in a business space version
- Option to not delete a message on the server when handling incoming emails
- "Display paging bar only if necessary" property for grids
- Vertical column headers in grids
- "Max file size" property for document and picture attributes
- "Allowed extensions" property for document and picture attributes
- Ability to enter dates using masked text input
- In a query with inline editing and default operation - if a cell is not editable, the default operation is invoked
- Ability to specify section name in ENTER NEW, EDIT and VIEW actions: ENTER NEW Obj USING Main SECTION Main
- It is now possible to include shortcuts into editable attributes for calendars (default pop-up form)
  They are edited as drop downs (similar to inline editing of shortcuts in standard queries)
- Borders between multi-attribute cells are displayed in the form designer
- Objects put in the Context by an ordered query (FIND ... ORDER BY) maintain their order when processed
- Ability to sort attributes in a BO by Name, Type and Required
- Ability to save a form when a focus is lost

- Arithmetic expressions used as part of CREATE FOR EACH, was not evaluated for each object properly
- Tags to images in HTML documents didn't work (unless used in emails)
- Zoho Settings were not saved
- Wizard forms with custom panel header didn't work properly
- Some queries in business spaces allocated on a separate database had problems
- Alpha validation didn't work for small letters
- It was not possible to delete a business space created with a separate database in the SQL Server
- Exposed REST services didn't support POST
- Integrity window sometimes didn't display problems properly
- Using OUT parameters in stored procedures that referred to LoggedIn user didn't work

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