V8.1 – New Features

2372 New Build Released
November 27, 2017
2373 New Build Released
December 12, 2017

Awaresoft are busily working away on V 8.1 of Aware IM and it there are some fantastic additions as you can see below.

Version 8 was the leap to a new Eclipse UI…. now V8.1 is all about added functionality under the hood. 

Due in the New Year and perfectly timed for the Aware IM Developers International Conference.

Exciting times!

So here are the confirmed features of 8.1 (many of these features will be explained and shown at the Aware IM Conference in April)

       1. Consuming REST services
       2. Integration of the latest Jasper Reports library with the following new features in the Report Designer:

a) Ability to insert “page break” anywhere in the report
b) Ability to define “table elements” (in many cases these can replace sub-reports)
c) Ability to specify borders for text and images
d) Ability to rotate text
e) Support for element “transparency”
f) Support for “position type”
g) Support for text indentation
h) Ability to handle text in the HTML format

3. Ability to edit documents using Office Online (in addition to Zoho editing)
4. Integration with the latest Kendo UI library
5. Ability to insert the calendar widget into a visual perspective (along with Google maps, input controls and buttons)
6. Ability to enter dates using a special “Date Input” widget – see Kendo UI
7. Dynamic visibility of pager for grids – display it only when necessary
8. Support for allowed extensions, max. file size when uploading documents
9. Integration with the Kendo UI spreadsheet widget with the ability to resolve tags and write the results of the spreadsheet calculations into the database
10. Ability to store Picture attributes in the file system
11. Support for “auto-calculated” columns in queries – define calculation directly in the query without having to define the corresponding attribute
12. An option not to delete an email from the server when an email is fetched by Aware IM
13 . Ability to search “advanced” contents of a BSV – scripts, HTML cells, HTML snippets
14. Ability to specify a transaction isolation level for a process
15. New actions of the Rule Language:

a) EXEC_STRING (execute a “dynamic” string – interpret string contents as action of the Rule Language)
b) COMMIT TRANSACTION – explicitly commit a database transaction
c) LOG – write any arbitrary string into the rule log
d) LOG CONTEXT – write the current Context into the rule log

16. New function EVAL_STRING – evaluate a dynamic string
17. Ability to specify form section in ENTER NEW, EDIT and VIEW actions
18. Support for “Last Modified” date of a BSV
19. Support for single reference attributes when editing appointments using a built-in pop-up editor

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