2346 New Build Released

2345 New Build Released
August 21, 2017
2348 New Build Released
August 24, 2017


1. Rule priorities could not be saved
2. Selecting "checkboxes" as widget type for non-reference attribute didn't work.
3. PhoneGap build was broken
4. Uploading files greater than 64M broke ActiveMQ and the system
There is now control over memory used by ActiveMQ
5. Colon was not displayed after the label of HTML fields
6. Editing an attribute after form section design was saved caused a crash

1. Support for error messages properties in attributes

Note Item 4: We found a problem uploading images larger than 64Mb – it turns out these images break the limit of the JMS broker that Aware IM uses. An attempt to upload such a file can completely kill the Aware IM server.
The latest build of version 8.0 (2346) addresses the problem. Now if you want to load images larger than 64Mb add the following line to your AwareIM/bin/BASServer.props and restart Aware IM:
for example:

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