2016 Aware IM Developers International Conference

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July 23, 2017
Aware IM Convoction
July 29, 2017

Our 2nd Aware IM Developers International Conference promises to be an awesome event. Version 7 of Aware IM is expected to have been released and by all reports it has some amazing new features and capability. Totally revamped UI (Now Telerik’s Kendo UI in place of Sencha) and overhaul of mobile and tablet capability. What does this mean for Aware IM Developers? Check out the Kendo demo here. If Aware was able to do this then it is a game changer.

Aware IM’s Architect, Vladimir Simkin will attend and be running a number of seesions to walk you through all the added goodies in V7. Your rare chance to meet and talk to him in person.

The 2016 Aware IM Developers International Conference will be held at the amazing Inaya Putri resort on the island of Bali in Indonesia.

For this conference we will be running an optional additional Beginners Stream (depending on numbers – min 10) who can attend a Zero to Hero training day on Sunday February 21st and a separate part two of Zero to Hero on Tuesday February 23nd.

Monday 22nd and Wednesday 24th are considered valuable days for ALL participants regardless of Aware IM experience level.

There will be an additional charge for those attending the Zero to Hero Beginners Classes due to room and facilities hire for the additional day. Please see Zero to Hero Add-on Ticket.


  • Complimentary Welcome & Registration Night – Sunday February 21
  • Full attendance for three days of Conference February 22-24.
  • See and hear Aware IM Architect – Vladimir Simkin show you all the new stuff in Version 7.
  • Presentations and Workshop by experienced Aware IM Developers.
  • Lunch and morning and afternoon refreshments each day of Conference
  • Complimentary Dinner on night of February 23
  • Discount hotel rates for extended stay prior to or after conference
  • Aware IM Developers International Conference Polo Shirt
  • Aware IM Developers International Conference Goodie Bag
  • Two full days Zero to Hero specialized Beginners Training (Zero to Hero Add-  On Ticket)
  • Eligibility to enter World’s Inaugural Aware IM Developers Shoot Out.


SUNDAY 21st February 2016
08:00-17:30 Mark Bailey Aware IM Zero to Hero – Day One
17:30-20:30 All Conference Welcome and Registration
MONDAY 22nd February 2016
08:30-08:40 Vladimir Simkin What’s New in Aware IM Version 7
13:30-14:00 Rod Boyd Aware IM Plugins –  What’s available and how to use them (Stripe, gravatar,
Campaign Monitor and Xero)
14:00-14:30 Manoj Pipersania Integrating BI Tools with Aware IM
14:30-15:00 Mark Bailey Setting up SSL and Automated Update of your Aware Configuration
15:00-15:30 Mark Bailey Automating reconfiguration of your Server after Aware Update
15:50-16:30 Mark Bailey Rapid SaaS Development
16:30-17:30 Rod Boyd All about Context and Processes
17:30-18:00 Mark Aware IM Shoot Out Commencement – Team Instruction Paks opened
TUESDAY 23rd February 2016 STREAM 1
8:30 Team Development Stops
08:30-09:30 Aware IM Team Presentations
09:30-10:30 Peter Tran Deploying your app in the Cloud – Setting up and deploying on Amazon’s
Web Infrastructure – Linux and Windows. EC2, RDS, MySQL, SQL-Server, Aurora
10:45-11:30 Peter Tran
11:30-12:45 TBA Scaling your apps…. Java settings, load balancers, indexing
13:30-15:30 Vladimir Simkin Migrating you apps from V6 to V7.
15:45-17:30 Himanshu Jain Embedding Cloud communication capability into Aware IM
TUESDAY 23rd February 2016 STREAM 2
10:45-12:45 Mark Bailey Aware IM Zero to Hero – Day Two – Mark Bailey
WEDNESDAY 24th February 2016
08:30-09:45 TBA Integrating Dashbords in Aware IM
09:45-10:30 Rod Boyd Using Kendo Theme Builder in V7
10:45-12:30 TBA Responsive Mobile/tablet apps in V7
13:30-14:45 Rod Boyd 10 Great Configuration examples for any Business App…. Template Emails,
search layouts, parsing emails etc.
15:00-17:00 Various Show and Tell
17:45-19:30 All Aware IM Shoot Out – Awards &  Farewell Drinks


The Conference will be held at the gorgeous Inaya Putri Resort in Nusa Dua on the island of Bali in Indonesia. Bali is one of the best tropical holiday destinations in the World and for those of you attending from the Northern Hemisphere, provides an opportunity to experience some warm weather and incorporate some leisure time into your trip.

You can review all the details of the Inaya Puti Resort  Here.

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