Taking Control of a Form Separator – Contributed by ACDC

Place Cursor in 1st Field on a Form
July 23, 2017
Reference Attribute Lookup Chart
July 23, 2017

Sometimes you may want to include a background in your separator or make the borders invisible . I use this often when using applicability rules to hide attributes as opposed to READ PROTECT – I place the attributes inside a separator and then make the separator invisible, but still there – it’s much faster and more efficient – also run the applicability rule as dynamic on the form using a yes/no attribute based rule on the object.

The below var field needs to know at least one attribute name placed inside the separator to be customised, I am using “Address1” in this example)


  • : v7
  • : Render Script of the Form
  • : var field = parser.getField ("Address1"); var id = field.getId (); var separator = $("#" + id).closest ("fieldset"); separator.addClass ("MyClass");
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