Conditional Icons and Colour in Custom Query

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July 23, 2017
Set 1st filter field in focus on a Query
July 23, 2017

Some really great solutions here for conditionally displaying different icons and colours in a Custom Query from the Aware IM Forum. ORS61 Posted… Also I want to know, if there is a simple solution. I’m achieving this by adding two extra attributes to the AppLog BO. Attributes: IconColor IconFontAwasome Business Rules: IconCalculation IF NEW If AppLog.Action=’New’ Then AppLog.IconFontAwasome=’fa fa-plus’ AppLog.IconColor=’#256117′ Icon Calculation IF EDIT If AppLog.Action=’Edit’ Then AppLog.IconFontAwasome=’fa fa-pencil’ AppLog.IconColor=’#564208′ Icon Calculation IF DELETE If AppLog.Action=’Delete’ Then AppLog.IconFontAwasome=’fa fa-trash’ AppLog.IconColor=’#EC1010′ Then using attributes in Custom query like below; CODE: SELECT ALL    Date: {TimeStamp}          Action By: {sc_UserFullName} {Action} – {ActionObject} {Summary} Not an ideal way but works. Waiting experts to provide a better solution on this. Also, MRBDRM Posted an alternative solution…. I use this in my custom query: CODE: SELECT ALL # if(data[“Gender”] == ‘male’) { # {Name} # } # # if(data[“Gender”] == ‘female’) { # {Name} # } # This is NOT used in the Advanced Script but instead is part of the Custom Query code itself

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