AwareIM Convocation

2237 New Build Released
October 21, 2016
2238 New Build Released
February 8, 2017

The new Aware IM Configurator is being totally re-written to encapsulate the Eclipse Framework and will provide a new refreshed look and feel along with a much more efficient paradigm compared to the existing IDE.

In addition to the IDE overhaul, there are a few significant features that will be added to the product.

  1. “Embedded testing” – you test your version inside the Config Tool using the embedded browser control.
    You don’t have to put the version under test every time – just switch to the testing view and it will automatically pick up the changes (unless changes affect the database)
  2. WISYWIG form editor – the principles are the same as before but you will work using the live form rather than an abstract layout and see the changes immediately
  3. New Report Designer (or maybe integrated Jasper)

Timimg is not yet clear but early indications are mid 2017.

Note that all of your V7+ apps will work in V8 unaltered.

Here are a few screen shots….

Business Object Screen with Attribute Table.

Business Object Form Editor – Visible Form Preview

Business Object Rules Editor

Document Template Editor – Note Live Preview

Document Template Editor – Note Embedded Word

Document Template Editor – Note Embedded Excel

Query Editor – Visible Query Preview

Query Editor – Visible Query Preview – Chart

Visual Perspective – Layout Tree Structure

Visual Perspective – Visible Perspective Layout Preview


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