2235 New Build Released

2229 New Build Released
September 26, 2016
2236 New Build Released
October 7, 2016


1. Integration with Google,Outlook,iCloud,Exchange calendars through Cronofy
2. An option not to handle foreign keys when discovering attributes
3. EXEC_SCRIPT action
4. Ability to insert new tab after the current one
5. Ability to go to the existing tab rather than open a new one if a tab has already been opened
6. Ability to run a process when a dynamic tab is selected by the user
7. Ability to run a process when form is closed


1. Custom JDBC connection with runtime URL was used when attributes were discovered
2. Unicode characters were not handled properly in form and grid styles.
3. Single selection in PICK FROM was not preserved across several pages
4. It was possible to close the process window even if “disallow cancel” was ticked
5. Expanded rows sometimes were not cleaned up properly
6. Closing a form in a new tab could crash

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