AwareIM 7.1 Released

2181 New Build Released
August 31, 2016
2224 New Build Released
September 9, 2016



– Java 64-bit
– Java 8
– Support for references for external objects
– Foreign key constraints automatically detected
– New ones can be added
– One-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one supported
– Many-to-many not supported
– Some IN expressions in queries not supported
– Primary keys automatically detected
– Matching references can be defined
– Shortcuts can be defined
– Native mobile apps
– Take photo from camera – MOBILE CAMERA SNAP INTO Object.PictureAttribute
– Take photo from photo library – MOBILE CAMERA GET INTO Object.PictureAttribute
– Get current geo location – MOBILE GET LOCATION TO MobileGeoLocation – write into existing one
(also available for non-native mobile and desktop)
– Watch changes of the current location (MOBILE START LOCATION WATCH INTO
and MOBILE STOP LOCATION WATCH FROM MobileGeoLocation (also available for non-native mobile and desktop)
– Show current location (didn’t work in 7.0) – also centers the map around current location
– Push notifications (iOS devices not tested yet):
– Push Notifications setup in the Config. Tool
– MOBILE SUBSCRIBE action to register a phone for push notifications
– MOBILE PUSH MobilePushNotification TO MobilePhone – send push notifications
– Configuration improvements
– Quick Test command
– CA reports more info about processes and queries
– CTRL mouse click in rule and queries goes to the definition of the element
– SHFT mouse click in a rule brings up quick view of the element
– GoTo button in a visual perspective menu and in Operations Dialog
– Formatting of the text rule is preserved when switching from standard rule form
– Ability to disable a rule
– Find Element command
– Expand buttons for HTML cell and Advanced Script dialogs
– Form and grid styles
– Manage styles command
– Set current style (drop downs)
– Apply current style to new form or query
– Apply specified style to the existing form or query
– Support for Tomcat session persistence
– Support for ReplyTo field in the Outgoing Email notification
– Font combo in report designer is bigger
– Delete font command in report designer
– New version of the Kendo UI Library
– Number formatting problems with the thousand separator fixed
– Latest version of Font Awesome 4.6.3


– Determining user location on startup has been removed – becomes unnecessary
– Closest addresses in the presentation GM – not supported

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