AwareIm 7.1 In Beta Testing

2175 New Build Released
July 19, 2016
2177 New Build Released
August 2, 2016

7.1 contains several improvements. The full list of improvements is below:

1. Java 8 64-bit

Windows version of Aware IM now includes the latest 64-bit of Java by default

2. Aware IM can now automatically “discover” foreign keys when connecting to existing database tables.

This essentially means that users working with business objects persisted in external database tables can now
use “references” in much the same way they use them for “native” business objects:

– Existing foreign key constraints are automatically detected and “reference” attributes are automatically
created to represent the corresponding relationships
– “Foreign key” constrains can be specified “on the fly” when discovering attributes of external tables
– “Matching” attributes can be defined for relationships discovered during this process
– One-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one relationships are automatically supported through matching relationships created when discovering foreign key constraints. Many-to-many relationships are not supported.
– Shortcut attributes can now be added to business objects persisted in an external database.
– Primary keys defined in external tables are now automatically detected.

3. Support for some new capabilities of native mobile applications:

a) Take photo from camera –

Use the MOBILE CAMERA SNAP INTO Object.PictureAttribute action in your process
This will automatically start the mobile camera and write the photo taken into the specified picture attribute
of an object in Context

b) Take photo from a photo library

Use the MOBILE CAMERA GET INTO Object.PictureAttribute action in your process
This will automatically show the library of photos and let the user select one. The result will be written
into the specified picture attribute of an object in Context

c) Get the current geo location of the user

– You need to add the predefined “MobileGeoLocation” object to your business space version
– Then use the MOBILE GET LOCATION TO MobileGeoLocation action in your process. The result will be written into
the instance of the MobileGeoLocation object in Context
– Google Maps can now work with the MobileGeoLocation object
– Show current location option for Google Maps didn’t work in 7.0 but now works in 7.1
– Support for watching changes of the current location of the user

MOBILE STOP LOCATION WATCH FROM MobileGeoLocation actions in your process

– The above support for geo location is also available for non-native mobile and desktop applications

d) Push notifications (iOS devices not tested yet):

– Use the special “Push Notifications” command in the Config. Tool to enable push notifications
– Use MOBILE SUBSCRIBE action in your process to register a phone for push notifications
– Use MOBILE PUSH MobilePushNotification TO MobilePhone – send push notifications

4. Configuration Tool improvements

a) Support for form and grid styles. This allows developers to store their “defaults” when defining forms and grids.

– Manage Styles command
– Set current style (drop downs) in the Config. Tool toolbar
– The current style is automatically applied to a new form or query
– The new command (in the burger menu of the form or query) to apply the specified style to an existing form or query

b) Quick Test command – put version under test without any dialogs
c) Context Assistant now provides more information about processes and queries used in a business space version
d) CTRL mouse click on an element(object, process or query) in rule and query editors goes to the definition of the element
e) SHFT mouse click on an element(object, process or query) in a rule brings up quick view of the element
f) GoTo button in a visual perspective menu and in the Operations Dialog – goes to the definition of the element
g) Formatting of the text rule is preserved when switching from standard rule form
h) Ability to disable/enable a rule
i) Find Element command – allows finding an element (object, query, process) by name
j) Expand buttons for HTML cell and Advanced Script dialogs

5. Support for Tomcat session persistence

Allows to configure Tomcat to use persistent sessions. This can be useful for load balancing and scaling

6. Support for ReplyTo field in the Outgoing Email notification

7. Delete font command in report designer

8. Aware IM 7.1 now uses the latest version of the Kendo UI Library
– Number formatting problems with the thousand separator fixed

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