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Aware IM is an extraordinary tool which provides a pathway to building and deploying solid, real world and cost effective business applications without needing to learn a myriad of technologies to achieve it.

At a time when the term "Full Stack" Developer has become so clouded that it can hardly be defined any more. It used to mean Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. In a few short years that has morphed to include Angular JS, Express JS, HTML5, AWS, Node JS, UX, NGINX, SASS and a whole lot more. Many developers have become focused more on being able to say, "I am a Full Stack Developer" rather than being focused on building professional, robust and cost effective solutions for their Clients.
Sure, the employability of a "Full Stack" Developer is HIGH. The chances of find a good "Full Stack" Developer.... LOW.
When it boils down to it, your Client could not care less about what is under the covers. They only care about a solution that firstly works, secondly, does not cost them an arm and a leg and thirdly, that will be implemented in a reasonable timeframe.

Enter Aware IM...

Aware IM provides the best of both world's.... and more. Imagine a tool that encompassed all of these "buzz word" technologies but then enabled you to harness them without having to learn them all, while, at the same time allowed you to dig deeper and tinker under the hood if you REALLY wanted or needed to. Imagine a tool that encapsulates everything you need to achieve the objective (remember...solid, real world and cost effective business applications) right out of the box.
Aware IM truly lets you remain focused on the business solution without all the headaches. And it allows you to do it fast. It is the fastest fully capable Business Web Application development tool on the planet...period.
Whether you are an Aware IM veteran, just learning or only taking it for a trial run, this site is for you. Our vision is for awareimdevelopers.com to be the "Go To" place for all Aware IM awareness.
Want to find out the latest news about Aware IM, see what Events are coming up, find an Aware IM developer to do some contract work or just connect with in your area, see Tips and Tricks discovered by others or review and or purchased products or services offered by other Aware IM Developers? You have come to the right place.
Note: awareimdevelopers.com is not associated with or paid by Awaresoft. We built this site purely out of passion for the product and the Aware IM community.
Seek and You Shall Find.


Latest News

January 19, 2019

AwareIM included in French engineering school curriculum

Aware IM included in France’s Famous EISTI Engineering School Aware IM Europe have recently concluded an agreement with EISTI – a famous Engineering School in France. […]
November 22, 2018

2563 New Build Released

Bugs: 1. MySQL AES encryption didn't work 2. Text elements with masks were displayed without the border 3. Sometimes reply names in service discovery were the […]
November 13, 2018

2562 New Build Released

Bugs: 1. Current editor was marked as "dirty" after Save All 2. Sometimes a popup form was not refreshed properly 3. Paste into category didn't work […]

Latest Blog Posts

September 19, 2017

The Execution Context of AwareIM

This is a great article that was originally posted on Hidden.Org and was kindly hunted down by Tom Ford. Grasping the concepts outlined here goes a […]
July 22, 2017

Some Things to Keep in Mind When Learning About Processes

One of the most difficult things to get my head around as a newcomer to AwareIM is context in Processes. As a Magic developer the paradigm […]


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